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Updated On June 9, 2022
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Ragnarok X: Next Generation Introduction

Ragnarok X: Next Generation APK: Have a friendly battle with your friends and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. You can play with your friends side-by side in a deep Mythic tale, far away from the modern games. Those are some of the greatest human values that an MMORPG brings.


Ragnarok X: Next Generation APK MMORPG role playing game. In the fantasy world of Northern Mythology, you will be a knight or mage. You will be accompanied by other heroes as you travel along the old timelines fighting evil monsters.


Game mode

You have many options to help your teammates in Ragnarok X: Next Generation APK. You can join the guilds with friends or as a team to take on bosses and monsters within the dungeon. Clan War mode is another option that will reward you with amazing rewards.

Which of these are the most popular modes?

  • PvP is where players compete against each other. The player who is stronger will be awarded a higher rank, get rewards and a reputation on leaderboard.
  • PvE means you have to fight machine-controlled monsters that are increasing in level. You will earn experience and rare items by winning.

The game also features a Marriage Mode. You can either play with your real or virtual lover. This is so much fun. This mode is much gentler, mainly for having fun together in the South Gate Amusement Parks where you can play roller coasters, swings, and take pictures of couples… This experience is also quite cool.

The game is more than it appears

This game has many different game modes. There is even a fun mode called “Marriage mode”. However, for serious gamers, this game can be difficult to master. This version is an improvement on Ragnarok Online 8X. It has enjoyed a tremendous reputation since then.

It is very complex to play role-playing games. To show you how the game was invested, I will describe six classes of characters in greater detail. I am very satisfied with the fairness in the promotion of characters’ strength here. It takes a lot of effort and time to learn and fight. The game doesn’t have an auto mode, and money is not the solution. You can only really play the game if you take the time to enjoy the fantasy world.

Mission after mission, your hands will never be free

An MMORPG element is that the quests are so dense and varied that you can’t get bored playing day after day. RagnarokX: Next Generation APK offers three types missions: main, side and event.


Only after reaching a certain level or having enough experience points, can the main quest be unlocked. Once the previous quest is complete, the quest that follows will be unlocked. These main quests will help you to understand the plot and relationships between the characters. Each quest is a great way to unlock new abilities and receive great rewards.

Side quests are not part of the main plot. Side quests serve to make the game richer. They allow players to have more goals and provide more upgrades to help them complete their main quests.

The Event is the third quest. This quest is unique in that it appears only on specific occasions. Remember to take part in these quests, as they offer unique rewards.

Side activities ensure everyone has fun

There are many other activities, aside from the battle. If you like it, you can marry another player’s character. The engagement, wedding and ring exchange will be held and invited guests can attend. The couple will join a quest, and together they will receive experience points as well as rewards.

A deep character with a clear personality

  • Sniper – Capable of creating traps and long-range attacks. This class does a lot of damage. Cons: can’t melee.
  • Lord Knight: The shield that protects the entire team. It is often at the front line for taking damage. The pros include high health, strong protection, highest damage resistance, and automatic HP recovery. Not able to deal high damage, and is only suitable for melee combat.
  • Whitesmith: Helps trade goods, provides damage support to the team, reduces bosses’ size, is adaptable, and possesses high-damage props. Cons: Fighting is hard to control and manipulate, it’s a multi-faceted job that involves many tasks but is not clear.
  • High Wizard: Deals powerful magic damage across a broad range of targets. High Wizard and Sniper are extremely powerful when combined. The cons: the cooldown is too long. High Wizard is often the enemy, so be sure to pick the right location.
  • Assassin Cross: Assassin Cross is stealthy and flexible, can use dual swords, and is often the main enemy in battle. Cons: Highly dependent on their equipment, complex playing skills.
  • High Priest: Can heal and help teammates to increase their damage. He is the solid back of the group. Cons: The ability to make damage yourself is not possible because it is a Buff class. This character is often the first to die in PvP battles.

Graphics and sound

Through the use of sophisticated 3D design, Ragnarok X: Next Generation offers a vast world of Northern Mythology. Your team will find a unique diversity in the main characters, who are well-designed and come with a variety of costumes. You will be challenged by a variety of monsters with strange shapes. After that, the characters become adorable anime characters in bright colors. This creates good fight scenes.

Ragnarok-X-Next-Generation-APK2Ragnarok X: Next Generation APK – Gameplay Screenshot

In some anime-style role-playing games that I’ve played before, there’s a big gap between the poster design and the actual in-game battle, which sometimes makes me feel disappointed. But in Ragnarok X: Next Generation, it’s a bit different. We can still see great characters with this gap. You don’t have to be dissatisfied.

Characters’ movements are also very beautiful. The flashing of magic and swords can produce many different effects, and they are not repeated in duplicate.

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Main Features

Enjoy a vacation with your pet

  • You can catch pets with the pet catching system, which increases favor and unlocks more skills
  • Your pet can travel with you on your adventures as a companion!

Rekindle old flames, the rebirth of a story

  • Use the Wedding System to embark on a romantic journey together
  • You can enjoy exclusive couples quests that will bring you closer together.

GVG Guild Wars

  • This is not only a tactical competition but also a test of teamwork!
  • Together, create your strategy and fight for glory!

Rejoin Old Adventures

  • You can explore an enormous 3D world without restrictions. There are so many stories!
  • Midgard awaits your exploration, from the capital city of Prontera to small sea islands.

Adventure With Your Friends

  • To form a Guild, join like-minded players
  • Take part in instance events together

Develop & Personalize Your Class

  • The melee Knight, ranged Archer and AOE Mage…
  • Record a new chapter in a new generation with classic classes that combine multiple styles.

Capture Precious Memories

  • You can use all types of bubble sticker emoticons to enhance your photos
  • You can adjust the angle of the camera to capture the best photo and record your adventure!

Ride Cool Mounts

  • What about a pink Poring? Or a cute Alpaca! Maybe the adorable Pecopeco!
  • You can travel on your horse while you protect your fantasy adventures!

Ragnarok X: Next Generation Reviews

Firhan Hutama: A decent to good game. However, I’ve already given up on this one as it was too difficult for me. Don’t touch it if you don’t know how to grind. It is normal to feel smaller than whales. However, every game’s price is high like most mobile games. so i had no choice but to retire. goodluck devs

Elcid Han: Although most content is available as F2P it’s also true that premium currency can be purchased with non-premium currencies. However, the majority of the activities are too repetitive. Overall, a positive experience over the past 6 months.

Sham Shahar: This game is great and even F2P friendly. To make good progress in F2P you must be patient and take more time. If you’re a bitter person who complains a lot and is prone to crying when you don’t make any progress, you might be a bad player. If you are not a fan of this game, then it is not the right one for you.

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