Download PUBG Mobile Mod Apk 0.17.0 (Unlimited money)

Introduction Game

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk (Unlimited money). PUBG Mobile – a mobile game that is feverish all over the world. This survival game topped Android and iOS game rankings in many countries, with tens of millions of downloads after just two weeks of launch.

A product of Tencent (China), the world’s biggest revenue game company, the game has content based on the famous computer survival game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), by a Korean company. National development.

In this game, gamers alone or in cooperation with others will fight on a vast island. Each battle will have 100 participants, based on the collection of equipment and weapons appearing scattered on the island to destroy other people or teams. The final position in the rankings will determine the rewards and experience each player receives.

Compared to the famous version on the computer, PUBG Mobile has almost the most detailed and accurate simulation graphics compared to the games that follow this very popular game. However, it also has some unique characteristics that make the game different from the original version.

The first is the addition of quest systems and bonus gifts by the day of the login, as well as the daily quest accumulation process. Players can use them to get costumes for their own characters. Besides the clan system (Crew) helps players keep in touch with other players, who they have played with in matches. This group is separate from the player’s friends system, making these lists no longer cluttered.

The map interface in the game has also been changed and tweaked to suit players on mobile devices, when they can both move and act and still be able to see the entire island. Zooming in and out of the map is only displayed on half the screen. The landmarks on the small map are also clear and often change to match the style of the game.

Finally, the automatic pick-up system also helps gamers more hands-free when controlling the character when prioritizing advanced equipment over what the player owns. When appropriate weapons are found, they will automatically be installed. All changes are made to simplify the original game, so that players can simply and comfortably experience this survival game on their mobile devices.

DyBneOC - PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 (Unlimited money)PUBG Mobile APK

Game Features

  • Action-Packed PvP– Join a fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping 100-man Battle Royale match where it’s every man (or team) for himself.
  • Large Open World – Explore 64 square kilometers of open terrain. Scavenge weapons and gear from various facilities, from isolated farms to sprawling military outposts.
  • Tons Of Weapons And Gear – Choose from a variety of weapons and equipment to suit your playing style.
  • Ride Vehicles – Explore the world in style. Ride a variety of vehicles such as ATVs, buggies, cars, and jeeps to get from point to point faster. Plus, you can simply run over your opponents.
  • Solo or Squad – Choose to fight as part of a four-man squad or a duo. Or, you can roll solo for a more challenging experience.

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Reviews Of Game

Alexandre Zani: This is a great game. Classic matches take maybe 30-45 minutes which is very reasonable. Until maybe two weeks ago, I had spent exactly $0 on the game and had a perfectly serviceable outfit for my character since day 1. (Black pants and black shirt are easy to get and provide enough camouflage.) The stuff I got after spending money is a little bit cooler-looking, but hide me only slightly better. Maybe there are cheaters, but if so, I have never noticed.

Glycel Gleann Gaspan: Fun and awesome game. With no money involved (unless you’ll buy some skins), the game has offered a lot to its player. But with this last update, I’m experiencing a gltich in the game. The screen for some reason is shaking and could not control my character at times..Pretty sure its not my phone nor my internet connection. I’m uninstalling and re-installing the app and see what happens.

Pratap Kutty: 5 stars to such an awesome game.. Everyone knows about how good it is. My only complaint is the friendly fire option for molotov and grenade. Your own teammates can kill you which has happened to me multiple times. I think you should turn off that so that you can’t be killed by your own teammates. Ruins the experience as your own squad tries to kill you.