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Psyroom: Horror of Reason Introduction

Psyroom: Horror of Reason revolves around the setting of a mental hospital. When you mention this place, you immediately have 1001 fantasies in your head, right? Anything is correct. Because the Psychiatric Hospital space built in this game is filled with creepy maniacs, sick psychopaths, and sometimes serial killers for some deviant in their brains.

Psyroom: Horror of Reason MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

For some reason, you became his next victim. Waking up in a dark room, arms and legs locked on the bed, in front of your eyes was that perverted doctor that you still believed was a good doctor. He injected you with some mysterious drug and started telling you about your dreams until you actually fell asleep.

From that day on, you often had nightmares. Every time the night came, you fell asleep, then faced a horror so bad that it felt like you were sinking into many layers of hell. In that dream, you saw your own fears. They came out of your dreams and turned into terrifying repulsive monsters in reality. You wanted to get rid of them to find your way out of this crazy place.

That perverted doctor had many other horrible hobbies. He tortured you in various ways, under the guise of being part of a genius experiment. Until now, in a situation where there is no choice, the only way is to follow those horrible crazy habits. You need to keep your life, life is all.

Main Features

  • The most terrible and darkest journey along the boundaries of your consciousness.
  • The opportunity to participate in the sinister experiment of mad scientists.
  • A dark storyline that will keep you in constant suspense and will not leave you indifferent.

Psyroom: Horror of Reason Reviews:

Para Celcus: Creepy but also tricky because some of the skulls are in dark corners it’s not so easy to spot them especially with Mr Skeleton barely giving you a chance to look properly you have to be running continuously lol..Controls need more work though…Nice work otherwise.

Brock_A T (Borkhahafunny): I see the game was only released recently, for a recent game it’s pretty good but dark and full of gore but pretty good, although I’m stuck on act 2 the skeleton guy who chases you is too fast could you make that bit easier to beat when you release act or before you do, thank you Areleano Games.

Namrata Kamble: The game was good … All over graphics controls are so good just waiting for other part ❤️keep making this types of games.

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