Project Highrise Mod Apk

Download Project Highrise Mod Apk 1.0.17 (Unlocked)

Introduction Game

Project Highrise APK for Android is a game that simulates the construction of skyscrapers and city management.

You play as an architect and developer, your mission is to build the world-famous skyscraper system – the highlight of the city in two ways – aesthetic and technical.

The Highawn project for Android, as a design architect, you must coordinate with the builder to oversee everything from walls to electrical systems, offices and apartments. The job of an employer is to make the users of your service happy and willing to pay the rent for the long term.

As a developer, you need to keep a close eye on each issue and calculate future investments. If you succeed, you will receive invaluable rewards – the reputation and trust of others in you.

Project Highrise, can you build the perfect skyscraper complex to attract entrepreneurs from all over the world? Can you build luxury apartments, loft apartments for businessmen and famous playgrounds?

All options are up to you in Project Highawn for Android and success is not far away!

BW1236G - Project Highrise 1.0.17 (Unlocked)Project Highrise APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Deep and complex simulation of a modern skyscraper.
  • Huge variety of tenants with their own unique characteristics, from restaurants, to offices, retail stores, or residential apartments.
  • Open sandbox play with several difficulty levels and starting conditions allowing you to build your dream skyscraper towering above the surrounding city.
  • Campaign mode that tests your skill at building a successful highrise in challenging scenarios.
  • Test your management mettle by keeping up with your buildings diverse population and their ever-increasing demands.
  • Hire specialized consultants to increase your building’s curb appeal, operational efficiency, and pull with city hall.

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Reviews Of Game

Junwei Zhang: First of all, I LOVE these kinds of games, where you have to make money and build, to achieve. But I want the game for free, even though it’s not worth buying. I just like everyone should be able to experience the game for free, even if it’s just once. If not, I like this game.

Phil Jodoin: Interesting game, without an IAP pushed down my throat, I really like it. If I could change anything, it would be the window that opens on the left when you put the office or something. It blocks too many screens, especially if I’m trying to place the office on the left side of my building.

William Horrell: I love this game, I bought every expansion pack. It’s great how you can control the rent and determine who’s going where I love. I change my building all the time, from just an office building, a hotel to a home. I spend a lot of hours every day on this game.

Natalie Vance: Worth the money! Really enjoyed wasting a few hours playing this game. And really enjoy all the little extras that interest you. However, it can become somewhat monotonous over time. But there’s no reason not to give it 5 stars!

Eli Kent: The learning curve isn’t too bad, and there’s a lot of depth to this game once you’re good at it. The soundtrack is compelling and there’s loads of things to do in Sandbox mode. Very good value for money.