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Latest Version 15.3.05
Size 523MB
MOD Features God mode
Requirements Android 4.4 Network required+
Updated On June 26, 2022
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Prey Day Introduction

Prey Day MOD APK is for you if you’re curious, like learning new things and love to discover mysteries. The game is now available for Android. You can download it from the links below.

The story

In 2033, a global outbreak of disease killed half of the world’s population. A virus known as Deadly Plague is rapidly spreading. This disease is not treatable by medicine. Although they will eventually die, the infected continue to search for healthy hosts and spread the disease. The world is in chaos and people are losing hope. Other than zombies, other people are ready to stab and kill you at any moment. This is the right time to look for weapons to join the resistance forces, and to join the fight against the zombies. Don’t be tolerant, don’t believe anyone!

Prey-Day-MOD-APK1Prey Day MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Fight for your survival

Prey Day MOD APK is about survival. You must also consider hunger and thirst. You will find plenty of food, water and other necessities within the city. If you want to survive, you must be able to locate them quickly. You can build weapons and other essential items from the basic resources available in the game. You can also build a base to protect yourself from external hazards.

It is impossible to live forever alone in this world. To increase your chances of surviving the zombies, join forces or groups. They have taken over large areas such as buildings, streets, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and other public places. You can be stronger and more effective against zombies if you have more people. You can chat with other players and exchange items. Be cautious. Every player may not be honest. Some players will kill you in order to steal your weapon.

Prey Day: Survival also includes skill learning. This gives your character more skill. A necessity at the end is learning how to use weapons.

Discover new lands

Prey Day MOD APK is an open-ended game that allows you to freely move around the city. You can explore shopping malls, hospitals, schools, and convenience stores. After the Zombies catastrophe, the world of the game was destroyed, leaving it looking desolate, bloody, and ruined. However, the horror was diminished by good graphics. It is easy to see corpses in the city. Top-down viewing angles allow you to look around and prevent being ambushed by zombies. Sound is an important aspect of horror games. This made the game more intense, as many situations shocked players when a zombie appeared suddenly from the darkness.


To get to the places you want to faster, you can use motorbikes and cars. You need to be careful as the zombies can get excited by the noise. A hundred zombies will chase you down. I swear!

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Main Features

Huge Online World

  • Prey Day is an open-world shooting game that takes place in a city devastated by an epidemic. The only way to survive is with other people – the real ones. You can communicate and join any other player, fight against them, or join them in a group to get their loot. In open-world games, there are no rules.


  • Join forces with other clan members to gain access to clan areas. These locations will give you rare items and new craft that will aid you in your fight against the undead. You can join your clan to take over military bunkers and establish a base for clan members, and then start military action on the streets.


  • From various items found on your journey, you can make new weapons or equipment. You can trigger new crafting recipes that will help you protect yourself against other players. Crafting skills will allow you to create your shelter and protect it from traps.


  • What is the cause of the apocalypse This zombie game will have you complete quests and exploring Harbortown. Prey Day is no exception. The best zombie games have deep, mysterious storylines. Enjoy a variety of adventures as you travel to the mountains and national park at the edge of the city and explore the wasteland while shooting your way through the walking dead.

Rpg and Survival

  • Prey Day, a zombie survival game, is extremely dangerous. There are many players with different survival goals. They can shoot, defend, team together, target, run, shoot, defend and even fight other players for survival. Shooting games will test your skills, speed, and response time. When you are fighting for survival you will do everything possible to not die. Both co-op and multiplayer elements allow you to communicate and unite with your friends or kill rivals – the best of MMO and online multiplayer gaming!

Prey Day Reviews

Jessica Burns: I love survival games. Survival mode is my favorite. This game preyday is very similar to my last game with a minor upgrade. It’s also compatible with my android smartphone so it makes the experience 100 percent better.

Dave Miasik: It is too early to give an honest evaluation as I have only been playing for 2 hours. I will write a more detailed review in the future. Developer, thanks for your reply. I am an adult player so I am not on Facepuke. You could instead create a YouTube account. There are many serious gamers there. The game appears to be gentle and not pushy, and it does not seem to force the player into PvP.

The Snack: The game is great, but there are a few things that I don’t like. When you raid and die, you can’t go back to your stuff and the raid despawns. If you die in a green area, your loot will despawn even though the location has not reset. It is frustrating that after hard work, you can’t get your loot back. If we can get our loot back, it would be greatly appreciated.

Download Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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