Pokey Ball Mod Apk

Download Pokey Ball Mod Apk 1.12.12 (Unlimited Money)

  • Name
    Pokey Ball
  • Publisher
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  • MOD Features
    Unlimited Money, No Ads
  • Platforms
    Android 4.4+

Introduction Game

Pokey Ball APK for Android is a game with bright graphics, interesting, addictive and challenging gameplay, promising to bring you many exciting entertainment moments.

Throw a ball on a tower in this fun Pokey Ball game for this Android! Use all the elements in your surroundings to get to the top of the tower as fast as possible!

In Pokey Ball for Android, you roll a ball up a tower. When climbing the tower, players can collect many rewards and win countless money.

Moreover, once you reach the top of the tower and the ball stops, you even get more coins to add to your final score.

Pokey Ball game for Android is based on the classic carnival games. Just aim and swipe your finger to try to get the ball as high as possible.

While the ball is in the air, touch the screen to make the ball stick to one of the pegs on the tower, to avoid falling, then continue to climb. If you reach the goal, you will gain more points.

LQ97VKc - Pokey Ball 1.12.12 (Unlimited Money)Pokey Ball APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • The unique balls overcome all obstacles and reach the finish line as quickly as possible.
  • Compete with other players to get a high score.
  • Funny, interesting and addictive racing game.
  • Simple but vivid graphics system with impressive visual effects.

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Reviews Of Game

Saige Evans: This game seems boring and a waste of time. But I’m really addicted to it very fast right now I’m at level 533 and my highest score is 3 million. One request would be to add a BUNCH ball. Because I bought them all and I had 8 thousand dongs that I could do nothing about. Also, for those who say their game is not okay with me and I am above 533! So can try upgrading your phone? Great game!

StarryButterfly: It’s interesting, I’m at level 386. How many levels are there? I know they repeat, but because I’m at 386 is the maximum? And what is the highest level the player has achieved? I have only been playing this game for 2 days.

Talha Wajid: I like that I absolutely think it deserves 5 stars. But one thing is that I’m stuck at the level and I think it was stuck. Because I have been stuck for a week now and one day I have spent hours to overcome it.

Terry Spatig: Interesting game but way too much advertising. So what you do is keep your play store open while playing. When it comes to an ad, go to the play store and open the game from there and skip the ad.

Hannah Greer: This game is awesome. I got this a week ago and I was at level 315! Ads are now very bad because you can skip most of them within 5 seconds. I definitely recommend.