Publisher Niantic Inc,
Category 3D Game, Adventure, Online,
Latest Version 0.223.1
Size 99M
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On November 24, 2021
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Pokemon GO Introduction

Pokemon GO MOD APK (Fake GPS, Hack Radar) is an adventure game that uses AR technology to open up new possibilities for players to the world of Pokémon.

The Pokémon franchise has had countless unique games with content revolving around human adventures with distinctive creatures and diverse ecosystems. However, Pokémon GO is the most popular spin-off because of its realism and ability to interact with players in real-time. It’s amazing that the game allows players to enjoy the game on the go by chatting with their friends and taking part in numerous activities all around the world. There are many pokemon that can appear randomly in your area. You will need to capture them all for your collection.

Pokemon GO MOD APK - Gameplay ScreenshotPokemon GO APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Catch every pokémon you see

In the original games, the player will be able to control the avatar of pokemon and catch them wherever they appear. But pokémon go uses augmented reality technology and applies many elements of fiction to the real world through the player’s device camera. From there, it let players experience a new feeling with more realism and vividness in the search for pokémon. The game will also provide players with a radar that uses the real map data in real-time, tracking the player’s position and randomly creating the pokémon nearby to engage.

In augmented reality mode, battle

The player will be able to capture any pokemon if they collide with one of the other pokemons in the area. To capture pokemon, the player must be precise as they have to flip the pokeballs accurately in order to hit the targets. The battle process can vary depending on which type of pokemon is encountered. There may also be external factors that could affect combat effectiveness and capture. It’s a novel mechanic introduced in a pokémon game, and it keeps giving players plenty of surprises throughout the process of becoming a great trainer in the game.

Check out every feature and content

Thanks to the ar system applied in gameplay, pokémon go has opened up new possibilities for players to enjoy a monster-catching game to the fullest. Moreover, all functions will lead to a new surprise, including interacting with pokémon or other players in the area. The internet will offer a wealth of content that can be shared online. Not only that, but many attractive events will be taking place in the game world, a chance for everyone to show the strength of the pokémon they most loved. Because of that, they will receive many nice rewards for leveling pokémon or equipment for further progression.

Entertain and chilling with your pokémon

The game allows players to play with their pets and interact with them. Through the ar system, the player can summon any pokémon in front of the camera and perform actions with them directly through the screen. Visuals and all elements are designed to give the player a real experience when entertaining the creatures. To level up, players can also visit virtual shops to buy food or treats and then feed the creatures.

Raids with friends for fierce battles

Pokémon go will constantly update with new activities for players to ride with friends through countless battles. These activities offer a chance for everyone to communicate with each other via voice chat or integrated chat. The player’s coordination in those activities is important, even stacking effects, to create the most impressive combos. Many new elements will be unlocked when players join raids, even a good opportunity to exchange effective combat skills for each pokémon element. Every week, there will be new events around the world. It is a good opportunity for players to continuously receive generous and rare rewards to promote the evolution of pokémon.

Play against your friends online in pvp matches

Battles between trainers are always the most exciting and prominent. The elements of strategy and surprise will be elevated to new heights. The game will host tournaments where players can compete against bots and play online with other players. However, it will balance the ability and combat power of each pokémon to create a friendly environment for all trainers. Furthermore, based on the player’s rank throughout the tournaments, the game will have many special and exclusive rewards to progress further than ever.

Pokémon go is one of the popular games and a strong trend among pokémon fans. Moreover, thanks to ar technology, players will have new sensations and experiences, thereby constantly motivating them to continuously find rare and valuable pokémon from all over the world. Players can also enjoy new content and featured events that are constantly updated in the game. This makes it more fun for friends to play with.

Main Features

  • Friends, Gifts and Trading
  • PVP Trainer Battles
  • Pokémon Spawns and Dynamic Weather
  • Field Research and Special Research
  • Raid Battles & Legendary Pokemon
  • Shiny Pokemon and new Pokemon Generations
  • Snapshot of Pokemon Go
  • Lucky Pokemon
  • Team changes
  • Sending Pokemon to Go to Let’sGo

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MOD APK versions of Pokemon GO

  • Unlimited Coins (updating)
  • Joystick (updating)
  • Fake Gps, Hack Radar (version 0.219.1)

Pokemon GO Reviews

Kyle Hattingh: The best game available on Android, amazing features, great graphics and great gameplay. However, I think the game could use more details and features. I do find that people complain about issues with the game. However, they must understand that many factors are involved such as the OS version of the phone, the performance of the device’s hardware, and the Internet connection. These factors should be taken into account.

Ethan Henbest: This game is a great game. I have played it every day since its launch. The new changes to spawn points are ridiculous. I’m all for rural players being more able to catch things. However, I find it absurd that spawns were removed from high traffic areas where I have been. It appears that it was just a lazy shuffle to remove existing spawn points and add new ones. Niantic, fix it! You’re at risk of losing many players.

Cody Alexander: I love Pokemon GO APK, but it hasn’t been able track my GPS for the past couple of weeks. I tried everything. Signing out, signing in, uninstalling, installing back on and sending feedback reports. But every time I sign on, the error code (11) still appears. I have tried everything, uninstalled and installed back on, signed out and signed in, and still get the error code (11). I am very upset by this. Please immediately fix this.

Download Pokémon GO APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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