Pirate Kings Mod Apk

Download Pirate Kings Mod Apk 7.3.0 (Unlimited Spins)

Introduction Game

Pirate Kings APK for Android is a pirate king game that once made young people eat and sleep restless. If you are a big fan of this blockbuster, then quickly download the game to your computer and experience it.

In the game, you will own a pirate island, your task is to plunder and develop your island become mighty and modern. Attack your friends’ islands and steal all their gold and silver and build your own empire. In the latest strategy game and no less attractive.

Your task is to play a powerful pirate conquer 7 seas, build the island and finally become the Pirate King! Don’t forget to become Pirate King, you need to steal money from the richest bandits, attack their island and upgrade your own island – but beware, they can come back for revenge. you anytime

You connect to social networking Facebook and enjoy fun in multiplayer mode with friends. Compete with your Facebook friends to become the king of the sea by attacking and stealing gold or silver from them or millions of Pirate Kings online players.

MeR7V4B - Pirate Kings 7.3.0 (Unlimited Spins)Pirate Kings APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Free download and play
  • Unlock the vast and beautiful islands in 7 seas
  • Attack, defend and steal the assets of Facebook friends and millions of other pirates around the world.
  • Choose your own avatar and flag
  • Play relentlessly with the lucky spin provided every hour.
  • Mini game rewards every day
  • Play according to your ability! Spin the wheel if you like without any time limits
  • Hundreds of unique and many read items

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Reviews Of Game

Vashista Nand: I really like this game. Sometimes I play for hours. There have been many problems in the past week. I lost my presents before time runs out, after that I won No. 1 and my prize didn’t belong to my gift box. Only that problem again today. I spend a lot of money on this game and don’t accept or lose things that are not right for me. Not sure how I can redeem my rewards. But I would prefer if this problem is fixed. Thank you

Kim Hutchins: I really love this game. I have been playing this game for about 2 and a half years. It has become harder in the past few months but I don’t mind. This is still my favorite game !! It was August 2 … I enjoyed the game. But I can’t afford to spend any dollars so it’s not so fun. I wish I could complete an album, it would be great. I have never had more than 2 pages completed.

Charlie Sharratt: I do not like pirates very much but I think this game is GREAT !!! I constantly receive lots of cash and lots of cash. But every time I attack someone, there are shields but everything is okay and when I steal. I couldn’t guess who the cash king was and not who the extra one was fine

Vickie bulman: I love this game very much, I play on all my family accounts. I couldn’t get enough revs to slow me down to 6 accs in the morning. Again in the evening the only problem is that it doesn’t optimize with this device. Keep kicking me of the game

Thomas Baker: The best game ever. The only thing I can add is if you can add more events. And events with more money like a billion turns.