Publisher Habby,
Category Simulation,
Latest Version 1.49.1
Size 115MB
MOD Features Free Shopping
Requirements Android 5.0 Network required+
Updated On July 27, 2022
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Penguin Isle Introduction

Penguin Isle MOD APK – To easily grow your island, collect penguins of different species and create a perfect habitat, you only need to download the MOD APK (Free Shopping) version.

Antarctica is your home

The player will be taken to Antarctica by playing Penguin Isle. It is a place where the snowy white frost and cold temperatures are the predominant colors. This seemingly lifeless place is home to some animals such as polar bears, water seal,… and including penguins. This flightless bird is adorable and also very stupid. Penguins will be loved by you, despite their awkward gait and fat body. You could spend hours watching penguins, or playing with them.

However, playing with penguins is only a small activity in Penguin’s Isle. Your main goal is to transform Antarctica, which is the penguin home, into a paradise. That means there are many penguins, patches of fog, gardens… The special thing is that the penguins themselves will create this splendid place, not you.


Penguin village

It is like floating on an iceberg at the bottom of the ocean, with only a handful of penguins around. After a while, you’ll realize that you have a large penguin population. Each bird is unique in that they have different skills and can perform various jobs. One example is the possibility of meeting fishermen, flower farmers, builders, or babysitters caring for baby penguins. These characters are all shown in the photos of funny and cute penguins.

However, for the work of these “workers” to be effective and perfect, you must create a vast environment. You must also help penguins to use their resources in a responsible and efficient manner. All of these actions have the ultimate goal to create a happy and fulfilled life in this land.

Create Antarctica’s dream.

To build a paradise on the sea or also known as the “dream Antarctica”, your mission is extremely important. Penguin Isle players can touch the screen to manage the work areas and coordinate the production and the development of the penguins. You can help the island build a great life by using the resources that penguins work hard. And you have to help these birds use resources such as trees, flowers or buildings, … in a reasonable way.

Penguin-Isle-MOD-APK2Penguin Isle MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Although they may appear cute and silly, penguins are extremely diligent. Resources are created even after you quit the game. You will have more resources if you are a higher penguin. The next step is to create a penguin world. It is truly an amazing experience to watch the penguins industrious in a romantic setting. This is a way to bring some warmth into a most cold and desolate area.

Graphics and sound

Penguin Isle MOD APK is a peaceful and tranquil place for players. You will be able to see the beautiful scenery created by large, icy regions. It is not difficult to encounter cute and lovely creatures such as snow rabbits, bears, otters, … and especially funny penguins. It is also very soothing and peaceful, which brings warmth and serenity. This game is great for relaxing after work, or to help you dream beautiful dreams.

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Main Features

  • A wide range of Arctic animals and Penguins
  • You can relax and heal by playing idle.
  • Decorate in different themes using 300+ decor
  • Mini Games for Extra Fun!
  • Your Penguin will be dressed in your personal style
  • Cute animated animals
  • Beautiful polar scenery
  • The sound of waves and comforting melody

Penguin Isle Reviews

Quân: So far, so good. The best idle game I’ve ever played. Love the photo mission, and the task that keeps me playing longer.

Hang Truong: Relaxing. You need to speed up loading ads. Sometimes, I have to wait for 15 seconds just to see an ad.

ია კალანდაძე: Since I started playing Penguin Isle, I have never had a problem. I feel like they are growing me. Some things require you to pay money, but you can create a perfect island even without spending.

Mark: Visually pleasing, with some issues with graphics (missing AA, white borders), linear progress (that’s very nice), not at all light about microtransactions but these aren’t intrusive and very cute. Great!

Download Penguin Isle APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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