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Updated On December 5, 2021
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Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter Introduction

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter MOD APK is a classic-style hack & slash action RPG. To save the kingdom, you’ll need to be a strong Warrior and go through dark dungeons fighting all sorts of monsters.

Immortal-Hunter-MOD-APK1Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Super classic gameplay

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter MOD APK over-classic style of fighting and acting makes it appealing to everyone, even those who have never been in combat. This has made the game very popular and made a lasting impression on gamers, particularly those who aren’t familiar with the more complicated mobile games or have a love for traditional RPGs.

Before you can enter battle, there are many types of weapons and equipment. The arsenal ranges from simple items like Wooden Wand, Fire Steel Sword, Steel Axe, to more complex ones like Poison steel, Flaming, Blizzard… Equipment store includes Helmet, Arcanna Shoulder, Fiery Chest, Fiery Gloves, and Boots…


The character’s strength index includes Health (represented by the red circle above the left side) and Mana (represented by the green circle above the right side). You may lose all points earned in that level if either one of them is exhausted. Although you can be resurrected at death with all your health and Mana, the points that you have gained from that scene will be lost.

In this dungeon, you only have to hit and slash. You can use any weapon or skill to fight the increasing number of monsters. You will find gold wherever you hit the ground and slash. And you can find treasures and other sacred items along the way. Pay attention, because while you may see some items outside that are easy to spot, there are others hidden in the area that you must find. They could be hidden in a corner jar or in a wooden crate close to the fighting area. You may try to slash some strange ones along the way to make sure those valuable items won’t be missed.

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter enemies

There is always an even balance in a game. The power does not come from one side. If you’re strong, your boss will be similarly strong.


But before talking about the boss, let’s talk about the small monsters first. At first glance, they look like dry skeletons, moving with little. They can be killed in a single strike if they are too fast. They are then able to hold sticks, and slowly they become monsters. Of course, their firepower is always small compared to the destructive power of the Bosses’ weapon. Be careful. Because while you’re busy with the giant monster of each scene, these henchmen are all over the place. You only need to be hit once by each one of them to cause you to fall. They should not be ignored.

What about bosses? Bosses could do the exact same thing as you: slashing and slashing our Dungeon Hunters. They also have a heavy weapon in their hands. Every boss is unique in their fighting style, shape and weapon. You may need to stay a while and observe the situation before you can enter the fights. To avoid the evils I mentioned, keep an eye out for those around you.

Each floor will have 3 Dungeon bosses. These are horrible evil creatures who escaped prisons to live in the dark dungeon. Then, there are 2 secret levels that will take you to the holy kingdoms held here.

What other qualities does the main character possess than immortality?


Higher levels will offer many options for your main character. These characters can include the Immortal Necromancer, Paladin, Immortal Sorceress, Evil Druid and Barbarians of exile as well as Amazon, Sacred Sorceress and Sacred Sorceress. Each one has their own set of skills. You have the freedom to choose according your personal preferences and interests. You can also choose to randomly try each skill.

In addition, when powering up the character, you will see advanced abilities at an impressive legendary level such as being able to create Immortal blizzard, blizzard of divinity, fireball, shock blizzard… or supreme is the ability to bet with a gambler: give an amount of gold for him to help you find powerful items to reach a higher level. You should be aware that this is an all-or nothing trick and you need to be cautious when using it.

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Main Features

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter MOD APK is an action RPG hack-and-slash that is diablo-like and inspired by some of the best old school games.

Classic Action Rpg Game – Hack And Slash.

  • Hack and slash your way through hordes of terrible monsters.
  • Slash and loot and upgrade your equipment with sacred items to get ready for the final battle with the devil.
  • Classic action RPG mechanics, your skills will be your only ally to defeat your enemies!

Exciting Boss Fights.

  • Diablo like endless hack and slash, go dungeon hunter and slay them all!
  • 3 Dungeon boss on every floor, evil creatures from exile.
  • 2 Secret levels leading to the exiled kingdoms of divinity.

Dark Fantasy Environment.

  • Path of Evil offers amazing special effects, and a dark fantasy environment that will guide you through this hack-and-slash adventure.
  • Explore the abyss below with your Immortal Immortal dungeon-hunter, then fight evil demons in the boss fight! Discover hidden artifacts and dungeons. Become Immortal to explore 3 locations in exiled kingdoms.

Character And Skills Customization. You can choose your dungeon hunting class:

  • Amazon or Sacred Sorceress
  • Evil Druid or Barbarian of exile
  • Paladin or Immortal Necromancer

Optimized For Mobile Gaming.

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter MOD APK has a lot more dynamic features than other mobile ARPGs. The player can fully customize their character by choosing from a variety of styles, including dark fantasy and old-school diablo games.

Loot Powerful Legendary Equipment

You can defeat hordes monsters using the Immortal Blizzar, blizzard or divinity, and fireball. Or, you can bet the gold to the gambler to get powerful items that will empower your equipment to attain the divinity. It could lead you to exile.

You can conquer all dungeons to become an Immortal Dungeon Hunter! If you love diablo games Path of Evil, the Immortal Hunt is waiting for you!

Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter Reviews

Paul Pesimo: Excellent graphics and easy control. You should add some features, such as normal attacks and not auto attack. Access inventory within the dungeon to create our weapons. If the game is offline, let us access inventory via the main menu. so far I’m enjoyin…

Dark master: It has great potential. Problem with complaining about gameplay is that they don’t enjoy challenges and prefer easy games. It just shows their lack skills.

Eliazar Rivera: This game is fantastic, but I need to update the equipment that will be displayed on my character.Thanks!

John Curtis: Although not played for a while, the graphics and controls are excellent. If the developer continues to make the game as it is, this will be a great game to challenge the best in the genre.

Nigel fowler: Great game, loved diablo BK in Day. Easy controls and no bugs. I would like to see a closer up of the character so that you can see what seems new. Also, offer to name any characters if needed.

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