Off The Road - OTR Open World Driving Mod Apk

Download Off The Road Mod Apk 1.3.9 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Off The Road APK for Android is a terrain driving simulation game with beautiful graphics and cool cars, giving you a memorable gaming experience.

You love the speed and feel like you are not in the mood for a tough race today. Instead you want to enjoy a calming, stress-free experience.

Off The Road for Android welcomes you with free gameplay and a vast open world. Here, you can comfortably control cool terrain vehicles and explore wherever you want.

Off The Road for Android is where you conquer challenges to earn money and upgrade vehicles. Make them stronger, faster and look better.

TLtl7V4 - Off The Road 1.3.9 (Unlimited Money)Off The Road – OTR Open World Driving
APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Explore beautiful landscapes
  • 22 off-road cars to unlock and drive
  • Driveable boats, helicopters
  • Tons of challenges to beat
  • Collect card packs to unlock new cars
  • Tons of collectables
  • Physically simulated water
  • Climb hills
  • Transport goods
  • Beat challenges
  • Endless fun

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Reviews Of Game

N Kelley: The best. Entertainment. Never. For all the boys who played trucks when they were kids, this game brings your imagination to life. You can transport Cargo to build highways and buildings. You can participate in quests for Rewards and navigate in all types of vehicles. Including tractors, helicopters and boats, among others. You can customize the controls and ads that only interrupt you at certain stops. I played for hours and I still haven’t finished everything.

Richard Otley: It must have all 5 stars for the atmospheric landscape and detailed fluid model to enter it. Love simulation apps and this should be one of the best. Yes a bit, but hey, a lot of work went into it. This is one of the best time-consuming apps ever and they want you to open your wallet. I’m managing hard without paying for it and it’s still great!

SS Gaming: This is a monumental game. You can add more vechiles like submarines, jets, wasteland vechiles, destroy vechile derby and other things. I have an idea for a map you can add wasteland maps, western maps, airports. Monster truck arena city, yes, that’s all. Please, you can add many things that would be super awesome. Great graphics to the point of reality. Very bad controller can add many versions of it very useful.

Richie Nongbri: This game is very good and really loves it very much. And I was wondering if you could please add a day / night cycle and even the weather. It will make it even better and more realistic! There are some things I don’t really understand and discover later that would require a guide to understand the game better. It was a great game and I was addicted to the first few minutes on it!