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Latest Version 6.1.4
Size 15MB
MOD Features Full Pro Unlocked
Requirements Android 4.4 Network required+
Updated On January 9, 2022
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Introduction to Octopus

Octopus MOD APK allows you to map your mobile devices when you play games on your gamepads. Smartphone gaming is now a lot like playing on a PC.

Most applications are supported

Octopus MOD APK allows you to connect with peripheral devices from any application. Only 30+ apps and featured games can be connected to the Octopus app. This allows you to not have to reconfigure keys. Simply download the app and start using it immediately. Some typical applications can be mentioned, such as Xbox, PS, IPEGA, Gamesir, Razer, Logitech, …


Flexible per Game

The application will offer different support modes for different games. It will show which keyboard and controller are compatible with each app. However, for specific games or applications, there will be a special mode dedicated to it, such as a high rendering mode for MOBA games, advanced shooting mode for FPS games,…

You can adjust how to use external devices free of charge

Octopus MOD APK comes with a variety of keyboard styles. You can adjust the keyboard to suit your preferences and habits depending on how you use the application. There are more than 20 settings that you can adjust to make the application work for you. You can easily modify the function keys by using controllers or handles similar to your preferences.

Take Memories of the Moment

Screen recording is another great feature. It doesn’t require you to download other apps, but you can still record battles or highlight situations that you want to share with your friends. You will see the recordings and hear the accompanying sounds. Additionally, the application has tools that allow you to clean up electronic junk in your RAM. This protects your device and makes connected games more smooth and lag-free.

Respect the Terms for Downloading

Octopus-MOD-APK2Octopus MOD APK – App Screenshot

The app is completely free to download. To allow Octopus to connect to other apps, it will require you to grant specific permissions. Because it is more inclusive than regular games, these rights will be greater than normal games. However, you can be completely assured of the application’s security for all intents and purposes of personal information in the device. The publisher guarantees that only the necessary access rights are used by the application to properly perform its functions.

You will also need to sign up at Google Play in order to sync the data from the associated games. To improve the quality of the app, you can opt for a cash-upgrade. You can link to more games and adjust modes with the pro version.

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Main Features

Most apps are supported

  • Octopus Gaming Engine is compatible with most apps and games. You can add any game you like to it.

Peripherals Compatibility

  • Octopus supports gamepads, keyboards & mouses.
    Xbox, PS, IPEGA, Gamesir, Razer, Logitech…

Preset Key Mapping

  • Setup key configuration for over 30+ featured games. You won’t waste time setting up.

Different game modes

  • 2 main modes: Gamepad or Keyboard. There are many special modes available for certain games such as Advanced Shooting mode, for FPS games, and Smart Casting Mode for MOBA games.

Highly customizable

  • You can also create your own keymap. Octopus has 20+ control options to improve your gaming experience.

Gaming Recorder

  • Octopus is integrated with Screen Recorder, so you can record every combat.

Gamepad calibration

  • Octopus has a Gamepad Calibration option that will calibrate your controller or gamepad if it is not standard.

Google Play login (Need to download the octopus plug-in)

  • Login to Suppore Play store.

Fake location function

  • You can support fake locations.

Clear out RAM functions

  • Help Clean up RAM function. Make the game run more smoothly.

About Permissions

  • Octopus works in the same way as other games. Octopus requires multiple permissions in order to function properly. We are confident that Octopus will not abuse these permissions.

Octopus Pro supports more functions e.g:


  • Drag and drop any path to make it run! You will need to use swipe gestures and pattern drawing for games. You can adjust the duration.


  • Multiple times you can hit a position. Both the time and duration of your hit are customizable.

Order Key

  • You can set multiple keys with hit order. You have, for example, three order keys with key A. Pressing A the first time will cause No.1 to act. The second time you press A will activate No.2A, and the third time it will activate No.3A. After that, it loops. It’s very useful for scenes such as open/close bag buttons in different positions.

Analog Deadzone

  • Deadzone is an area in which analog movement is not considered. To illustrate, you can set deadzone at 0 to 20, 70 to 100 and 70 to 100. This will mean that all movement less than 20% or greater then 70% will be invalid. So if your analog is in the 20% position, it will act like 0% and 70% respectively. Both the left and right analog can define different deadzones.


  • Multiple keymaps available for different situations in one game Profiling is what you need. Profiles can either be created under keyboard or gamepad mode.

Shortcut for Virtual Mouse Customizable

  • When using the gamepad, press LS+RS and it will invoke the virtual mouse. Move it with L/R analog. Perform clicks with LT or A. This is very useful for TVs and any other situation where you don’t want your screen to touch. In Pro version, you can now customize the shortcut for activating.

Octopus Reviews

Travis Wood: It works perfectly. Galaxy S8 > Razer Kishi > Oldschool Runescape. While I still don’t know how both analog sticks can perform different actions, e.g left-rotate screen and right-move cursor, I was able to learn how to bind different keys at different click locations on my screen to make alching and superheat spells as easy as pie.

Surabhi Bijalwan: October is my favorite month because I can control my mouse with Android Spider-Man MI Mussoorie. I tried it with my normal separate work but it only works in Xbox PS 5 and 4 Octopus. It makes it easy, but there is one problem. I need to open my game again and reset my settings. Please octopus company feature

Legend of the Phasor: This will turn any bluetooth controller into an electronic drum kit with any mobile DAW. I found no tutorials for using gamepads with MIDIs. They all lead me to software coding, blah blah. Then I realized that I could just test this, and it works great. Absolutely no delays. It also works with MAKEY MAKEY which allows you to build your own arcade machine and control it using this app.

Download Octopus - Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard Keymapper APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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