Publisher OpenMyGame,
Category Role Playing, Survival,
Latest Version 1.23
Size 179MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 7.0+
Updated On January 14, 2022
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No Way To Die: Survival Introduction

You want to live through the apocalypse and survive? Get the APKMODO version of No Way To Die: Survival MOD APK for Unlimited Money.


A mysterious asteroid struck Earth a few years back. The collision nearly destroyed all living creatures on the blue planet, even humans.

No-Way-To-Die-Survival-MOD-APK1No Way To Die: Sustain MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Thanks to underground tunnels, only a few people managed to survive. One of these survivors is the main character. But, the situation almost changed completely after the collision. You are faced with the nightmare of water and food shortages, but you must also deal with aggressive mutants. Is it worth the risk to keep fighting until the end?

Look for food

In No Way To Die: Survival MOD APK, your character will be modeled with the same physical activity mechanism as in real life. This means that your character’s movement will affect the ability to gain physical strength. Your character could become starving if there is no food or water available.

There are many mushrooms and berries that can be found in the forest. You should hunt with weapons if you need quick energy and replenishment. This is one of many ways to make the game more difficult, since animals no longer run or fear you. You can be attacked to survive.

To begin, you will be given axes, hoes, and other tools to help you mine clay, stone or ore, or cut down trees to harvest timber from the forest. There are many resources available, so it is important to collect them in order to survive in No Way To Die Survival. You may come across an abandoned car or a chest. Do not ignore it as they could contain valuable information.

Please don’t die!

In an apocalyptic world, basements and abandoned homes are the only safe places. Be prepared to face dangerous creatures like bloodthirsty zombies and mutated animals if you leave this base.


They are all aggressive and can take out your opponent in a single bite. Smart strategies are necessary to make yourself less vulnerable when you are weaker in power. You can defeat them by using weapons and environmental factors.

Craft weapons

To help you deal with the dangers, weapons are an essential item. Find the necessary materials and create weapons, armor, and other useful equipment.

On a higher level you can also set up production facilities with manufacturing stations right below your basement. These devices can be used to not only protect you from high-damage, but also allow you to manage the raw materials you earn.

Your base is built

After you have secured food, water, weapons and a steady supply, it is time to repair and upgrade your base. This will increase your defense and protect you against night-time monsters. A trap system can also be a good idea.

Explore the apocalyptic realm

You will learn how to survive the end of the world by coming to No Way To Dye: Survival. The mystery of the asteroid’s collision with the Earth will gradually be revealed. You will discover new places along the way and you’ll get more information.


No Way To Die: Sustain MOD APK has 50 levels available for characters. To unlock more interesting content, you’ll need to accumulate experience points for surviving and protecting your home from symbiotic animals and zombies.

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Main Features

  • Dynamic action against a variety of zombie enemies
  • You have the ability to stealthily kill and avoid unwanted attention.
  • There are many types of weapons available, including a club and an AK-47.
  • Bunker defense mode—outfit and defend your shelter using strong walls or sneaky traps
  • You have many options with this complex crafting system
  • Locations generated by procedure
  • A real survival simulator
  • Low poly graphics are very nice
  • (SOON) A multi-floor underground location featuring rogue-like style gameplay

No Way To Die: Survival Reviews

Mohamed Samaah: This is the best post-apocalyptic video game. It was so much fun & better after the update. The trading in settlement was the best thing about the update. F*** all the other games which says that you do not have to pay to play. You don’t need to pay anything to play Cox. There are more ways to earn credits and high-quality items from traders, which is something that no other games offer. Kudos, developers. Keep up the great work.

Undefeated Anime King: The game is great and you can play it online or offline. However, there is no map that you can use. You can also add weapons attachments like scope,grip or laser to your m4 or other Guns. This is a great game.

Emmanuel Jr. Lagrimas: This game is amazing and addictive ? It always make my free time fun and enjoyable. You don’t have to wait for it, which is what makes this game so cool. It’s also very realistic. This survival game is my favorite!???

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