Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk

Download Ninja Raiden Revenge Mod Apk 1.6.5 (Free Shopping)

Introduction Game

Ninja Raiden Revenge APK for Android is the game launched by Tenda Games. Belonging to the action genre for Android, the game has many interesting features, promising to please anyone.

Join the Ninja Raiden Revenge game now to become a true Japanese ninja. You play as Raiden, the last living ninja of Wind Village, descendant of the sea god Susanoo.

In the game, you have the task of preventing monsters. From here, the front will be a difficult and dangerous adventure. Players will cross the forest, wade streams, cross terrain. You will shoulder the responsibility of saving the world and revenge for your loved ones.

Ninja Raiden Revenge for Android has a pretty graphic style, the details are sharply depicted with high resolution. This greatly contributes to giving players a compelling entertainment experience.

If you are a fan of ninja in Japanese feature films, then you definitely cannot ignore Ninja Raiden Revenge for Android.

1y1wwnb - Ninja Raiden Revenge 1.6.5 (Free Shopping)Ninja Raiden Revenge APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Combines the elements of action ,hack-n-slash, RPG and puzzle adventure.
  • 8 different maps with 96 levels to play
  • 8 big bosses battles with a variety of monsters: zombies, monsters and more
  • Easy to control movement
  • Upgrade your character’s skills
  • Discover the beauty of high quality graphics
  • Challenge yourself with tough battles

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Reviews Of Game

Richard Koenig: Great game. But the problem at stage four is practically impossible to complete. There are no elevators or bridges to jump to the finish line. There is not enough power to jump. Please fix it. Is a great game.

Rafael Ramos: I’m not a gamer, maybe that’s why I find the levels become more difficult. But I love this game … I wish there was a way I could cheat to make me strong. And stronger so I don’t die a lot even though I suck lol.

Ashley Turner: It’s nice and smooth, very nice. I have not gone that far in the game. So I don’t know what rolls are used for. But if not then I love it. Thank you for the game!

Noah Hakvern: The only game I can stand with sound, I really like mellow music. Playing the game smooth and sharp, I like to develop my character, the levels are gradually challenging. Great.

Stark Targaryan: I love this game and the gameplay is great, the controls are great. You can not stop playing this game and the graphics are very outstanding. You will not waste time downloading this game.