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Latest Version 2.1.0
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Requirements Android 7.0+
Updated On November 27, 2021
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NieR Re[in]carnation Introduction

Square Enix just released the global version of NieR Re[in]carnation APK. The gameplay is combined from many different styles, but according to director Taro Yoko, we can temporarily consider this project as an RPG game.

The game technology industry in Japan is growing day by day; there are many games from the rising sun’s land that many people around the world love. The NieR series, a cult favorite, attracts a significant number of players. The game was well-known and enjoyed great success in 2017. NieR Re[in]carnation APK is the next title in the series of lovely game series. Pre-launch game raised expectations among gamers who are familiar with the game. Let’s find out what is the game attracts so many people’s attention.

Is NieR Re[in]carnation APK really worth it?

This game was made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the NieR series’ founding. The announcement was made livestreaming by NieR replicat ver.1.22474487139 at Niconico. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 announced the news [in]Carnation’s gameplay is unique. This has caused fans of the series to not accept this new game, even they are considering it “trash”.

NieR-Re[in]carnation-1NieR Re[in]carnation APK – Gameplay Screenshot

The story

The setting takes place in an area known as “The Cage”, which contains towers and dungeons, sometimes even a future. Fio is Fio’s main character. A young girl, Fio, wakes up on a rock and has no memory or voice. Fio was joined by Mama, a mysterious being. Mama and Fio set about searching for fragments of lost memories.


Square Enix didn’t depend on NieR or NieR:Automata’s success to develop NieR[in]Carnation APK in a new direction. Hack-and-slash is now an RPG in the NieR series. You can choose to play as your character in either a 2D, 3D or 2D environment. However, you will fight in turn-based combat when you are entering battle.


Your team is made up of three members. You can move your character around to attack a specific area with the skill key. You must go through all levels and dungeons to fully comprehend the story. The power of the dark creatures will increase gradually, so along with the experience of the plot, you need to increase the strength of the characters by increasing levels, obtaining equipment, pet…


NieR Re[in]carnation APK includes characters such as Gayle, A2, Rion, Lars, Argo… and of course, the appearance of 9S and 2B. It’s easy to see why most people play NieR–Automata. Partly because of the storyline and graphics. 2B isn’t an ordinary character. However, it can be obtained through special events. To collect characters, you will need to spin gacha much like other RPG games.


After you complete the beginner experience, the system will give you a lot of additional resources. Gayle Bloddy Hunters, Gayle Abstract Hunters, 2B Griff, and 2P are the best characters. These are tier S+ characters from players’ experience.

Enhance character’s strength

For your character to grow stronger, you must be aware of the following: Enhance Skill; Ascend; Equipment; and Equipment. These are the most important items to help your character grow quickly. These materials are easy to find in normal dungeons. This allows you to easily reach your maximum strength in the three systems Enhance, Skill and Ascend. A separate paragraph will cover equipment.


Equipment can be broken down to several types. You should ensure that you have sufficient money to purchase the weapon associated with the limited banner characters. The limited banner includes optimized weapons that increase the character’s power. To help strengthen your character, you can use Companion, Memoirs and other equipment.



Square Enix created the Arena system, also known as PVP, to keep the game interesting. You can interact and get many rewards with other players. Your strategy will be better than your opponent’s and you will win. You should think about how you want your squad to be played. You should also consider how your characters complement each other. Build the team accordingly. Don’t get discouraged after losing against other players because it’s an experience for you on how to build a squad to apply to difficult event dungeons.



As for the graphics of this game, there is no doubt, it is described by three words “masterpiece mobile game”. Square Enix is an expert at combining 3D with 2D graphics. The first plot, which is black and white, is a wonderful combination of colors. You can use both the animations and the music to create characters. It’s not difficult for NieR Re[in]Carnation APK will receive a 10/10 rating for graphics

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Main Features

  • Starting with the “Cage” sections where you control The Girl in White with Mama in tow, traversing across massive structures in a linear fashion. Presumably, this is where the bulk of the game’s exploration and exposition will take place.
  • Next, there is the “Memories” section, which are 2D sections that seem to take place in medieval and feudal Japan-inspired levels. These sections were not combative, but they do seem to flesh the world of NieR.
  • Lastly, there is the battle system, which are traditional turn-based JRPG styled battles, similar to what you’ll find in Final Fantasy. You’ll control a party of three, facing off against waves of enemies. NieR Re[in]carnation has been announced to feature “gacha” elements, so this probably means that you’ll be drawing random party members to fill out the ranks.

NieR Re[in]carnation Reviews

Red Wings: This game is intended for those who are unable to enjoy PC games by NieR because they don’t have a controllable device. Because you don’t have to do much. You could choose to do one or both. You might love this game, but it could feel lacking. There are many…

ウサギSynapse: The gameplay is great, the devs give generously and the story itself are excellent. I am able read Japanese and hope that an english version of the game will be made for non-japanese players. It is easy to farm gems because of the current events.

Gacha Idiolize: This Game is a personal favorite! Although I have difficulty reading Japanese, it is well worth the effort. This game is fantastic! It deserves 5 stars! I hope they release it to our nation.

KyRueL ArcMarL: I cannot even play the game. I got this message at the start, while the loading stopped at 20%.『処理に失敗しました。 タイトルに戻ります。』どうしよう?😥

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