Publisher Electronic Arts,
Category Sports,
Latest Version 6.0.20
Size 73MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On October 25, 2021
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Introducing NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball launched for the first time in 2016 on mobile devices. EA Sports released this iconic franchise title in 1994. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is a worldwide success. It has also been a favorite of many basketball fans.

The basics of team setting

Before you can play the game, you must complete the setup process. You will first need to choose your username and age. The system will guide you through basic skills in ball-playing. These skills include throwing the ball, moving and stealing from your opponent. This tutorial is very simple. You will find the control panel at the bottom right of your screen.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball 1

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball uses a similar design. Madden NFL Mobile in terms of both content and gameplay. So, if you’ve played it before, you can master the controls and other features in this game. For beginners, I will give you an overview of the game to help you build your basketball empire.

There are four options available

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball features four game modes. These modes do not rank, so you will use the same team as you had previously selected. If you don’t like the default lineup, you can rearrange the lineup as long as you place them in positions that suit their abilities.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball 2

In PvP mode, you can play with other players. PvP allows you to enter a room and find the right opponent. Once you find them, match the match. This mode allows me and my friends to play together. I can learn more from them, thereby improving the team’s weaknesses to play better. Events mode offers many benefits and valuable resources.

The controls are easy to use and intuitive.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is easy to control. The console only has 4 function keys. The D-Pad button is at the bottom left of the screen, where you control your character’s movement. You can find the remaining three keys on the right. They are divided into two types, defense and attack. Pass (over people), Sprint (sprint), Sprint (hold), or Shoot (throw it into the basket). The defense is responsible for protecting the ball from any opponent and blocking them. Tutorials will demonstrate these actions.

Real stars are the players system

The player system for NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball was designed with great care. Each player has their own stats which show how they perform. These stats include speed as well fitness and skill, as well coordination with fellow teammates. These traits will help them to be in the right field position.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball 3

A player’s overall rating can be viewed on a 100-point scale. The problem is, the free players that the game gives you don’t really have superiority. You can buy most elite players in shops or auctions. They can be purchased with real money or in-game currency. You can also sell your players if your squad is full. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball has a dynamic transfer market that is more active than other basketball simulation games.

Realistic 3D graphics

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball only measures 70MB, but it has very different graphics. The 3D platform provides excellent visuals. It’s a true game of basketball with players, action and associated effects. Personally, I’m satisfied with this awesome version of pocket basketball. The graphics are smooth with little lag and no delay. Thanks to well-designed movements, the game runs on medium devices.

Main Features

    Events on the LIVE Today Map
    Reach your daily goals to participate in Live Events
    To get your favorite NBA basketball players, collect Position Tokens and Team Tokens
    Every month, there will be a new LIVE Master or Monthly Pass. Multiple Limited Time Events will be held.
    You can take part in events that are limited in time or complete sets to earn the highest ranking player in the game.
    NBA LIVE allows you to compete in the NBA throughout a year with campaigns that will keep your team on top
    As you move through each Campaign, compete against your opponents to win exclusive courts, players, and other prizes.
    To unlock more campaigns, increase your OVR
    Draft NBA superstars and recruit rising stars directly from college basketball
    Create a team with your top players and level them up to become all-star basketball stars.
    Draft games offer the chance to play real-world basketball alongside NBA stars such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Giannis Antetokounmpo
    Every week, you can find new content, stories, events and entertainment at the basketball tournaments
    Matchups of 3v3 basketball, PvP campaigns – Get incredible bonuses
    Exclusive rewards for Showdown matches Scale the leaderboards today

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball Reviews

Jordan SotoIt’s:  A great game, just make sure to not miss any greens. Although I enjoy basketball, I hate missing greens. Everything else works smoothly. Good job 2k.You deserve it.

Christian Hickc: It’s a good game. The game is fine. I just wish it could be played without any errors or glitches. It is common for people to cheat the game, so I would like everything to be up-to-date.

Sam Hernandez: It is a wonderful game. But, I can’t sign in to Google. This is a pity because I don’t want to lose any progress when switching phones.

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