Publisher ChillyRoom,
Category Adventure,
Latest Version 1.01
Size 64MB
MOD Features No
Requirements 9.0+
Updated On September 11, 2022
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My Darkest Moment Introduction

My Darkest Moment is an extreme adventure game. The game is completely action-free, with no flashy or fierce scenes. It is a complex inner human journey. Play, settle and listen to emotional voices, you may find a part of yourself somewhere.

My Darkest Moment APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Many players have had to admit they were swept away by the strange idea of ​​this game. The way My Darkest Moment turns real situations into various aspects is sometimes quite surreal. And to convey all of this, profoundly, in a super short time, My Darkest Moment had to incorporate some interactive physics settings to solve puzzles to help the character pass the scenes, the rest is about 75% that are monologues and cut scenes.

You will interact with the path, the balls, the clock to find a way out for your stuck character. Just like in real life, we always need a reason, a motivation, no matter how small, to get out of the captivity of negative emotions.

When playing this game, until the story is over, you will probably regret and just wish it lasted longer and had more to explore, discover puzzles.

The slightly metaphorical visual storytelling art in My Darkest Moment can be classified as unique. Along with the mysterious, slightly prickly music, it’s easy for anyone to find a part of themselves in this simple puzzle game.

Main Features

  • Short but profound, My Darkest Moment is a game of surprising emotional weight.
  • Our protagonist is not blessed. Instead, they are excluded, depressed, stuck in internal sufferings.

My Darkest Moment Reviews:

Michael Cisco: The extra levels are nice. They really add to the experience because the game was so short its nice to be able to keep playing. I wish there was an interface to get to the levels instead of watching the credits over and over again.

Vaughn Establecida: This game is so good, the story, the platforming, and it’s art. Though it does have it’s problems: no translations for the post-game, and it black screens when i finish the first level of the post game.

Runo: I really loved the story and how the levels where a simplified version of the surroundings. Even though this game was short I did enjoy playing it and living as the character through the ball in the levels 🙂

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