Muscle King Mod Apk

Download Muscle King Mod Apk 1.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Muscle King APK for Android is a game where players turn characters from. A skinny guy turned into a muscular man. Attracting all girls, no exception.

Your task is to just touch the screen while the main character. Start the long path to the desired shape and will drag the bar and other projectiles. In addition to trips to the gym.

You need to join the work, as registration money is required. You also need to buy many different widgets for the ward. Let him pump their strength more efficiently.

Muscle King – a fun simulation game in which the player turns a simple guy into a real Jock. To complete the mission, you will have to perform a lot of difficult, but fun actions.

Actually, Muscle King for Android, you have one task – tap the screen as quickly as possible. The more clicks, the more experience and money the character gets. You also have to work and make money.

9TXrYCp - Muscle King 1.2.3 (Unlimited Money)Muscle King APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Simple controls
  • Skills help your journey.
  • Use useful skills to get great profits.
  • Interesting work with matching outfits
  • A wide range of houses and vehicles

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Reviews Of Game

Mister Beanie: COOL I love this game more than anything. I love muscles. I hope courageous oranges. Readable This I’m glad they did. Give this game with too great graphics. I love it. They update it so cool even my brother loves this game in this game. In this game I’m so proud I look like a monster. I wish I could meet the creator of this game. They fixed a bug. I hope everyone in the game knows the game. I’m glad I wish I had the chance to also make sure. To play the game BRAVE ORAGE, my NAME is Darryl

Omar Adnan: Superman vs hulk and other toys in the morning. And something else is in the office on the weekend so I’ll have to wait until morning. For the rest of the week I should probably be able to finish. Note the rest for another day and for the rest of the week. Will be fine for the rest of the week and I’ll take a quick look. At the end of the week and get back to you with dates for the rest. Of course and the rest of the course on September 5 and oth.

Roy Jones: Accepted and more than what I do. Some of those people will spend this week in lol. I’m going through a tough day because you have to do anything. That you want to go back to school one tough night I have. Some fun to watch and a tough night. I thought we could get the best out of the group.

Mikado903: Like real life, it’s hard to know when you’re older. Then you look back at how you started and see you’ve come a long way. Will recommend those who prefer normal clicker. Please do this on PC without BlueStacks.

Sandra Fahy: I think this is a great game. Especially to calm the parents. If their children are too hyperactive and they just use that energy. To play it because I’m a mother myself. And it’s a GREAT way parents can relax.