Murder in the Alps Mod Apk

Download Murder In The Alps Mod Apk 5.1 (Unlocked)

Introduction Game

Murder in the Alps APK for Android is an engaging intellectual puzzle game. Where you become reluctant detective, participate in the investigation. Looking for a killer at a hotel in the Alps.

Alps killers will be taken back to the 1930s. Explore the many mysteries and experience the authentic atmosphere of that era. During the game, you will be able to visit many unique places, from the majestic beauty of the Alps, to the deep tunnel.

Players experience immersive gameplay and engaging storyline; Solve amazing puzzles and interact with each character, discovering one of them as savage killer.

Will the player be able to solve the case before the murderer can deal with you and others? Are you fast enough to find all the clues and have the answers to this secret case? There’s only one way to find out, which is to be the reluctant detective in Murder in the Alps, a great brain teaser.

Murder in the Alps for Android is an intellectual game that challenges you to find the perpetrator of a serious murder in an Alps hotel. Get ready for an unexpected adventure. There is only one way to find results. Get a magnifying glass and put on a detective hat. Because an investigative adventure awaits you ahead.

n7uPyTL - Murder In The Alps 5.1 (Unlocked)Murder in the Alps APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Fascinating storyline with unexpected twists and turns – hours of interactive gameplay and an awesome plot!
  • Filled with characters with intriguing personalities and dark secrets! Interact with all of them and find out which one is the killer!
  • Gorgeous graphics with amazing animations and beautifully illustrated comics to enhance the story!
  • Explore each picturesque location and environment – experience an authentic 1930s atmosphere!
  • Enchanting music, great sound effects, and fully voiced characters!
  • Built-in Strategy Guide to help you with every step of the game!
  • Every scene is filled with collectibles, so don’t be afraid to look everywhere and find them all!
  • Lots of unique achievements, some are easy to get, and some require great skill!
  • Amazing mini-games, hidden objects scenes and much more! This game will keep you on your toes!

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Reviews Of Game

Olivia Barron: I absolutely love this game. Super deep with all the details; reflected in the mirror. I like hide and find with combination. Its other games in the middle make it so fun! Instead, it’s just a hidden finding that has a lot of room. And things like that keep you going with the story. Detail, to the extent that it is reflected in the mirror. I highly recommend playing this game. If you like hidden find games with additional puzzles. And a great storyline!

Jeneral Shogun: When the last episode of chapter one is released. I’m excited with the story, so I hope for an update to release as soon as possible. And for the gaming experience I have. This is the best way to find and find out where the item is hidden. If you need advice to improve, I think it’s better. Makes additional energy for 3 or 4 minutes. For me it is just waiting for the energy to completely regenerate.

Vivek Shetty: I love the game because of its mysteries and tales. And when there is no energy left, wait a moment. And take the energy, the moment there is no energy. It’s time it alarms us to rest. I have completed a lot of chapters up until now. And there’s a new chapter coming soon, so I’m excited to see it. What is that and a round of applause for the creator. Thank you, Vivek.

Nida Kanwal: As others have said, this game is great! The only problem is energy consumption / regeneration. Every action uses energy. Each object to be found needs 5 energy. Otherwise, a great game, excellent graphics. Great dialogue, great story to follow. Honestly, I thought I would uninstall. It’s all about energy.