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Latest Version 1.9.5
Size 143MB
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Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On December 5, 2021
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Mr Meat Introduction

Mr Meat MOD APK: The latest horror game of the publisher Keplerians Horror Games.

Keplerians Horror Games has been a very popular game publisher. Everyone loves their horror games that are full of drama and realisticism. The Evil Nun and Ice Scream series are popular examples of this genre. Mr Meat mixes horror, puzzle and action genres. This game is not designed for relaxation or entertainment. Mr Meat is for you if, however, you are looking to experience fear, surprise, and drama every time you breathe.


Mr. Meat MOD APK is dressed at the outbreak of the zombie plague. Your city is now affected by the zombie epidemic, and some residents have been made to suffer.

Mr Meat 1

Mr Meat: The butcher is your neighbor. He was infected and became a zombie. He lost his soul and became a serial killer who wanted to kill all living things to satisfy his hunger. His haunted house shows a house filled with corpses. He even had the unfortunate people kidnapped.

Recently, there was a serious criminal investigation that involved a missing female student. You find Mr Meat’s house by following the clues. When your superior assigns the task to investigate the schoolgirl case, you now have the opportunity to confirm the rumors.

Horror adventure in the butcher’s house

Mr Meat MOD APK presents a horror adventure, as you’ll be living in the home of a serial killer all the time. You will be searching for the missing schoolgirl as part of the plot. She is being held somewhere inside the house.

According to the original plot, Mr Meat was described as very dangerous. He drinks blood, and eats raw beef. Because of this, you will have to move carefully so that you won’t be detected. He will chase you, which can lead to an unpleasant outcome.

Mr Meat 2

It is very frightening to see the background of the game. Although there are no long and dark corridors like Evil Nun 2, Mr Meat also has a dark space. The scary killer, blood and raw flesh are all around. You will also be frightened by old glass doors or ruined walls.

Find clues to save the victim

The murderer has taken a female student hostage and is now hiding. The clues indicate that she was held in different places and changes after a while. You’ll need to track those tracks to locate her.

Mr Meat 3Mr Meat MOD APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Mr Meat MOD APK is a horror-themed game with a puzzle component. Many physics puzzles will require you to think and find the right items to do a particular action. You need a key to open a door. The same key is required to open a crate, or mysterious tunnel.

There is a lot more content to discover in the game. You can find floors, drawers and cabinets. Look out for letters, pictures, videos that reveal useful content or clues.

Do you run from your fear or face it?

This is the main question many people ask when playing Mr Meat. That fear is the main antagonist of the game – the butcher – serial killer. As you travel through the area to find a victim, he will constantly be around you. If you get caught unlucky, he will chase you until you lose your life.

The game gives you the opportunity to use guns and melee weapons as defense. The purpose of the guns is to defend yourself against Mr Meat.

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Main Features

  • The walking dead can hear your moves, use this to your advantage and hide to mislead him. If their eyes  catch you, he’ll try to kill you!
  • Solve puzzles to rescue the girl alive from the house of the serial killer.
  • Use the gun and be a sniper! This game needs you to be a zombie catcher! Action is guaranteed
  • Enjoy excellent ambiental sounds and graphics during your jail break!

Mr Meat Reviews

Mia Oliva: This game is amazing. Technically, each Kerpleians game has its merits. They put so much effort into it. However, many people complain about the advertisements. You can stop them by turning off your internet. This game is great and scary. It is recommended that you buy it for a good price.

Pratishtha Shkla: Ahh! It’s my favorite game, I really do! It’s a great game!

Anil Kumar: This is a fun game. But Mr. Meat will run after you drop anything. And if your play hard, it will be difficult to find the items you need and escape from Mr. Meat’s house.

Download Mr Meat: Horror Escape Room APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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