Moy 4 🐙 Virtual Pet Game

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Introduction Game

Moy 4 APK for Android is the 4th part in the series of attractive pet simulation games for phones. Similar to previous versions, Moy 4 is designed with lovely graphics, suitable for all ages.

Moy 4 offers players more than 85 minigames and different activities. Similar to its predecessors, there will be many games and ways for you to collect coins.

The minigames are classified into 4 different categories, including: casual, video games, racing and puzzle. Also, there are lots of creative activities like playing piano, drums or guitar.

You can also spend time painting, coloring books, managing a zoo, growing flowers in a garden, saving sick people by playing doctor games, and more.

In Moy 4, the player will continue to be taken care of by Uncle Moy. Help Moy by brushing his teeth, bathe him when he’s dirty, tell him when he goes to bed, feed him healthy food, exercise and play games with him.

The more you take care of your Moy, the more mature and happy he will be. The money you earn from playing any of the different mini games can be used to buy new clothes, body color, hairstyle or even a beard for your Moy.

Moy 4 for Android, you not only have hours of fun and humor. But also have the opportunity to take care of a very cute little pet, named Moy. With realistic emotions, beautiful graphics and smooth animations. You will feel Moy as if it really exists. Moy will make you love and want to take care of every day.

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Main Features

  • Life-like emotions: Moy will act like a real pet and get happy, sleepy & sad depending on how you treat him.
  • Nurture: Take care of your Moy by feeding, cleaning, play with and getting him to sleep when he is tired.
  • Customize: Dress Moy and choose from over 1.000.000 combinations of dresses, shirts, hats, beards & glasses.
  • Build: Build the house of your dreams by choosing wallpapers, furnitures and decorations.
  • Garden: Grow your own flowers, flesh-eating plants and mushrooms in the adorable garden.
  • Stickers: Find and collect lots of virtual stickers of Moy doing silly things!
  • Music: Create music with the virtual instruments such as: piano, drums & guitar.
  • Pet evolution: Combine small pets and watch them evolve from eggs to cute creatures.
  • Mini-games: Play one of the 15 mini-games and earn money!
  • Paint: Draw beautiful images with over 18 different colors and share them with your friends.
  • Building Blocks: Experience real physics in the building block room.
  • Aquarium: Take care for fishes and style your own aquarium.

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Reviews Of Game

John Sundeen: Great game as a guy. Gay loves cute and fun games. I feel like I really won the lottery when I downloaded this app. I look forward to playing this game with my teenage stepdaughter. This is cute by the way, then a puppy. And a kitten is playing in a basket with a bow on it. A side note of that visual metaphor. I’m really going to make a vid about puppies and kittens playing in the basket. With a gift like a bow, sure enough anyway. Worth the download now.

Mandira Paul: This game is really cool meant. The number of outfits is not too high and looks pretty. Meoy is really a cute little pet and I like it the most. It only has less than that of a strong point. Thanks to Frojo apps for this nice game. I have played most of the Frojo app games. And who likes the most is moy 1-6 and I like this moy 4. It is the coolest as it has many mini games and is of interest. And I would like to thank the Frojo app again for how cute and beautiful it is.

Mitsuri Hana: Wow this is a wonderful game. I love it so much and it’s the best game for my kids. My daughter loves it very much. And this moy is too cute and an innocent pet. Love this game level and all, especially too much moy. So, thanks for creating such a wonderful and beautiful app. I hope frozo apps create many of the best and best games. We hope that you will create the best games from others.

Prabha Devi: The game was so great, me and my brother really liked this game. In other virtual pet games it will take longer to sleep. But in this game only 3 seconds only. Is the game going to take place really super or there are many more virtual games. I really like this game, please everyone to install this game. And the other level 2.6 moy is also very good.