Motor Depot Mod Apk

Download Motor Depot Mod Apk 1.1622 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Motor Depot APK for Android gives players the experience of controlling many different types of vehicles such as trucks, cars, tractors, buses … If you love driving cars and demanding games Precision, With great patience, Motor Depot will be a great choice for you.

Other driving simulation games that focus on only one type of vehicle, such as Taxi Simulator – city taxi driver, Heavy truck simulator – Heavy truck driver, Mobile bus simulator – The driver of the passenger bus. Then Motor Depot is the generic version for all the games mentioned above. Each game screen will give a specific goal.

In Motor Depot for Android, players will be able to test a variety of vehicles from large trucks and specialized machines, fulfilling the goal from simple to complex exploration and adventure in a wide gaming environment. big

The game has extremely sharp 3D graphics and familiar driving simulator, giving you light but equally challenging gaming hours.

tXhjYdl - Motor Depot 1.1622 (Unlimited Money)Motor Depot APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • 50 unique cars;
  • A large open game world;
  • Various weather conditions;
  • More than five types of work;
  • Multiplayer.

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Reviews Of Game

Kenneth Leach: Great graphics I like the honesty of the cars you can drive. Please allow lower rp so you can buy them to repair 18 wheels. Where you have to put them into pickups and provide other places to travel in your program.

Ryan Appleton: Can you add the English language to the options? It was in English when I first bought it but after the last update it was stuck in Russian.

Jake Lynch Music: Ok. Great game. But need an English option. Why do you only have Russian? Good way to lose a lot of people if not to play this.

An Eqbal: I love this game very much and I have unlocked kamaz 3 and another one.

Matt Concepcion: The best reputation used to be awesome cars, terrible graphics and terrible controls.