Mini Metro Mod Apk

Download Mini Metro Mod Apk 2.41.0 (Unlocked)

Introduction Game

Mini Metro APK for Android is a unique new simulation game. In the game, you are tasked with drawing the routes and managing metro traffic of many cities.

In the intellect game Mini Metro, the task becomes much more complex and difficult – designing metro transportation network maps for a developing city.

Draw lines connecting the stations, then start running your train. When new stations appear, draw and arrange routes so that the train runs smoothly without being blocked by other roads.

If you love city planning but can’t handle the stress of real work, then try Mini Metro Android now, the game that promises to be your new favorite soon.

RDL2tcS - Mini Metro 2.41.0 (Unlocked)Mini Metro APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Every time you start a new level, you will manage the train traffic network in different cities, which brings a freshness to each play.
  • Test your routes for over 20 simulated cities from real-world locations to test your planning skills.
    Provide many upgrade items so that players can adjust the traffic network.
  • Play short screen play in Normal mode, relax in Endless mode or challenge the high difficulty levels in Extreme mode.
  • Build the metro network just the way you want it in the all-new Creative mode.
  • Compete with other players around the world every day in the Daily Challenge.
  • The game has a mode for colorblind people (Colorblind) and night mode (Night) to protect the eyes.
  • Enjoy the lively sound on the subway system emitted based on how you design and organize the routes.

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Reviews Of Game

Roland Opus: I struggle to imagine a more perfectly designed game. The controls are intuitive and professionally calibrated. Graphics, reminiscent of a beautifully drawn, very nice train map. When you play a level, notice the extremely subtle “miniaturization” that allows for more space to play. Simple premise allows small tweaks to add interesting constraints and challenges. The seamless transition from normal to endless or creative mode after losing the feeling is like a reward. This game is awesome.

Simon Hamlin: A great puzzle game where you build a subway network. Place the tracks wherever new stations appear randomly. Unique concept, great execution! Game designers have created a moderate amount of property. So the game is easy to enter but hard to master! The controls are intuitive and have lots of great “quality of life” functions. All are thoughtful and very elaborate in all aspects.

Rob Jackson: Great game! On the one hand, it has simple gameplay (just connect the dots with a line), design and sountracks. But, on the other hand, it is difficult. You should turn on your brain and plan how to connect points on different sides of the river or bay. How does your system run properly and how to get more points in different mods? I am very grateful to the developers, for creating such a perfect thing!

Daniel Lamblin: I really love this game. I try to play every day whenever I can. Powerful styles. But after unlocking the main level, I let it sit for a while, unable to make some achievements. I want to * download rankings daily * would be the snappier way. It seems to be poorly written that it can spin for minutes or forever for a few days. Otoh I like regional / map variants added too.