Publisher Mojang,
Category Arcade,
Latest Version
Size 95MB
MOD Features Full Version, Unlimited Time
Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On April 22, 2022
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Minecraft Trial Introduction

Minecraft Trial APK for Android is a free and limited-time trial version of Minecraft survival adventure game for Android, where you can craft weapons and armor to fight many dangerous enemies.

Minecraft is a famous action adventure game in the world and suitable for all ages. However, to experience Minecraft, players must spend a large amount of money. Therefore, the developer Mojang has released Minecraft Trial a free limited-edition version for gamers to experience before making a decision whether to buy Minecraft or not.

Minecraft for Android is an open-ended game where you will be the one to decide and make your own adventure. Explore endless worlds and build everything from the simplest houses to the greatest castles.

Play Minecraft in creative mode with unlimited resources or dig deep into the world in survival mode, making weapons and armor to fight dangerous opponents. Gamers can craft, explore and survive alone or play with friends on mobile devices.

Minecraft Trial Mod ApkMinecraft Trial APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

Expand your world

  • Market: Discover the latest community works on the market! Get unique maps, skin packs and textures from your favorite creators.
  • Slash command: Fine tune the game play. You can donate items, summon mobs, change the time of day and more.
  • Add-On: Customize in-depth gaming experience with the free add-on! If you have knowledge of code, you can modify activity based on in-game data to create new resource packs.

Multiplayer mode

  • Realms: Play with up to 10 people from multiple platforms, anytime anywhere on Realms – the private server that Minecraft hosts for you. Gamers can try this free feature for 30 days.
  • Multiplayer: Play with up to 4 friends with an online Xbox Live account.
  • Server: Join free multiplayer servers and play with thousands of other gamers. Discover many giant worlds created and run by the community, compete in unique mini-games and interact with new friends.

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Minecraft Trial Reviews

Mukesh Kumar: Great game. I like this game because I like to build houses and earn money to kill all mobs. And raid also and learn more about visiting villagers and finding emeralds and lots of things to do it. I live to find diamonds Ingots in this game is a very beautiful game. Farmers look for carrots and wheat potatoes to make bread healthy and safe to eat. With lava is dangerous then diamonds go and the next day look for zombie villagers. Kill all zombie villagers with the help of lava I like.

Shaheen Yousuf: I like minecraft because it’s not just music or a little more effort. But also the best thing you can remember about this song being very interesting. But that was a bit impressive for me and the yellow card for me in my right hand climaxed. With the perfect music for my music to make the most of it from me today very easily. So you can create honeycomb music for me to make it in my mind. Think it will use your favorite words because the name is the word of God that you.

MeatloafPlayz game: I like it! But here are a few things I want. Just create creations, add-ons, seeds and free multiplayer. Also, add some furniture and decorations and it’s free. Thank you for making your application! They filled me and my sister with loads of fun!

Annisa Fithrianti: I really like the dis game so it’s fun. You cannot kill zombie spider skeliton and crichor is difficult to kill dem. I love building zoos and more. Do not know I was gone because they are great, good and beautiful. I like it very much.

Nine Ucu Rubaah: What a great idea for minecraft testing is perfect. The best for you is when I have a GREAT MOJANG MINECRAFT EXCELLENT COLLECTION (although you can’t be in creative mode).

Download Minecraft Trial APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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