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Updated On January 15, 2022
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Metal Revolution Introduction

Metal Revolution APK offers real-time robot battle, rhythmic movement mechanisms, countless defensive moves, and an attractive robot army. And those are just a few of the many reasons that I advise you to play this game right away.

Typical Combat, with many moves, especially defensive ones

Metal Revolution APK is an excellent combat game. The two sides must fight one another. You can control your robot master using the buttons on the screen. On the left, you will see an arrow cluster showing movement. Jumping and defense are possible. The system of skills is on the right. Each button can be pressed to perform each action. To transform with different combinations depending on your robot’s level and type, you can use moving + skill at once.

Especially different from other robot fighting games, Metal Revolution gives you the ability “Rage skill”, a form of ultimate attack that will do great damage on the enemy, possibly an instant death.


Metal Revolution has a defense system that I enjoy. Each character has its own defense abilities. While anyone can defeat it, only the best players will be able to survive and leave their opponent behind. Your chances of winning are greater if you can practice defensive moves, especially when your opponent uses rage tactics. You will counterattack if they take too long to recover if you are able to defend and survive. This is the time when you can hit quickly and kill as simple as turning your hand.

The robot masters will amaze everyone.

Metal Revolution APK is army of robot masters is the ultimate treasure. This game is not just about showing off heavy weapons, like other robot games. Metal Revolution will allow you to see strange robots and unique human simulations. Each robot is unique in its own way, with different personalities, sizes, and colors.

Although big robots can be powerful and destructive, they are heavy and slow and are not mobile. Small robots/machine fighters that mimic female figures are extremely dangerous, have fast attacks and can move very quickly. It is possible to mistakenly think that you are playing a combat game. The robots here are too human and the movement patterns are too fluid.


You will climb faster if you are more diligent

This game is about robot fighting. So, if any of you are dreaming of romantic epic battle scenes and all, it’s not there. There are only one arena. Although the scene may differ from Megacity’s roof to desert ghost towns’, the common theme is that they all are straight to the point, direct, and dry. You need to pay attention to your opponent and then practice your defense skills.

Metal Revolution APK is not a game that requires any special tricks. The battle can be won quickly if you practice a lot and work hard to master many combos. There are many game modes that offer training options, such as Tutorial, Arcade, and Training. Once you’re proficient enough you can go to battle and earn positions on the rankings.

The manufacturer will include some of the strange features that were first introduced in the Metal Revolution robot game. These features include the ability customize corridors to make battles with friends or to have more spectators to give players a more fighting feel; and the ability chat in real-time to the fighters as well as the audience, just like in a live stream. I don’t know when these new versions will be available, but it is worth waiting for that huh?

Metal-Revolution-2Metal Revolution APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Sound and graphics

Metal Revolution APK features epic battles that are rendered in high-quality 3D graphics. The publisher has boldly stated, “Metal Revolution is using the most advanced graphics technology that can reach 4K standard, screen speeds up to 60 fps.” It is beautiful, deep, tense, has sensitive and sharp movements, but of course, it requires a lot of capacity and phone configuration to play.

Metal Revolution is a story about endless wars between robot armies. The internal contradictions of the time, in a future world where the armed struggle becomes a robotic war with too many technologies to comprehend, are the causes.

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Main Features

Here Comes A New Challenger!

  • Take control of unique fighters with their own fighting styles and aesthetics.
  • Personalize your fighters with skins that range from casual to high fantasy.
  • Enjoy blazing fast head-to-head action at up to 60fps.
  • Battle across beautiful stages, from Megacity rooftops to desert ghost towns.

Built Like The Best Classics

  • Get the authentic arcade fighting game experience right on your phone.
  • Hone your skills in Arcade, Tutorial, and Training modes.
  • Put those skills to the test in Versus, Team Versus, and ranked ladder.
  • Talk trash in custom lobby matches, but make sure you can back it up!

Next Gen Features

  • Competitive ladder system with divisions and rank rewards.
  • Custom lobbies to create your own tournaments with friends.
  • Spectator feature makes every match feel like you’re on the main stage.
  • Real-time on-screen chat with fighters and other spectators like a livestream.
  • Advanced replay function captures the details of every fight, frame by frame.
  • Advanced netcode ensures your combos won’t be interrupted.

100% Fair Play

  • Absolutely NO pay-to-win mechanics! It’s just you and your skills.
  • Earn coins to unlock fighters just by playing the game!
  • Try the whole roster with a weekly rotation of free fighters.
  • Complete daily/weekly missions and special events to earn coins, fighters, and even skins!

Easy To Pick Up, Tough To Master

  • Pull off basic moves and combos with a few taps thanks to the intuitive controls.
  • Master advanced techniques and combos with precise input timing.
  • Mix-up, cross-up, and guard break to shatter your opponent’s defenses!
  • Master the Meter! Reversals can be made at any moment by using the unique block-and-parry system.
  • Unleash each fighter’s Hyper Move for ultimate style points.

Battle Your Way To Top

  • Fight head-to-head against players from around the world.
  • Compete in a highly competitive ladder with ranked divisions.
  • Earn rewards as you improve and climb the ranks.

Metal Revolution Reviews

Julian John: This is a good choice if you’re looking for a fighting game that has original characters and uses hard work and clever mechanics. It is a top-quality mobile fighting game

Alin B: Great game. Advertise it and update it more often.

Adrian Trofin: It’s worth trying. Too bad nobody in Europe is playing it. I spent hours on the ranked, but no one showed up… The graphics and mechanics are great, but there aren’t any players.

Vv Kk: I’m proud to have written the first review for metal Revolution, one of my favorite fighting games. However, animation improvements are needed

Basketball family: It isn’t really bad, but I don’t understand why it doesn’t work when I try to play the game. The program will tell me to uninstall it and reinstall it.

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