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Download Merge Fairies Mod Apk 1.1.0 (Free Shopping)

Introduction Game

Fairy Merge APK for Android is a game about beautiful fairies best suited for girls, your task is to choose the smartest strategy to be the first to collect all fairies.

Game Fairy Merge brings more than 50 unique fairies with special abilities, the owner of all fairies to rule the magic land.

In the game, the player’s task is to collect all fairies, then upgrade and earn money, there are more than 50 goblins to collect. The game is played by Clicker and Idle so you can check it even when offline.

Fairy Merge for Android is suitable for girls, dreaming girls often dream about a fairy world with fairies with gorgeous dresses, on shoulders and colorful hair. See how many fairies you can find and upgrade them to change them.

hKvkNkn - Merge Fairies 1.1.0 (Free Shopping)Merge Fairies – Best Idle Clicker APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Discover over 100 fantastic objects to connect, merge and interact in 50 challenges!
  • Collect fairies, mermaids, unicorns, minotaurs and unprecedented hybrid creatures.
  • Catch the flying monster and get prizes
  • An evil curse has been placed on the fairy garden!
  • Gather a collection of over 100 mystical creatures
  • Participate in events – so you get more prizes and awards.
  • Take part in a tournament with friends around the world and get weekly rewards.

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Reviews Of Game

Lori Brown: I really love this game. I have had it for a long time, it’s my favorite. Love the way you get daily rewards (gems). And every 10 minutes coins are the best for the world. Fairy world and mermaid world you collect mermaid. Fairies to come to fairies / The rarest mermaid to learn more DOWNLOAD.

Ashley Bolin: Great game. I love fairies so that’s why I started playing this game. The game itself is what fascinated me for weeks. Now I’ve beat the game and get ready for new updates or new games. I have even been number 1 in the weekly tournament for weeks now. Love this game.

Skylar Marie: Ok I love this app without too many ads. The only time you have an ad is when you want a fairy. Or receive money so I personally love it and I do not complain about this application. So I highly encourage you to get it and I swear when I first received the app, I fell in love with it absolutely.

Avery Dow: This is a great game. sometimes i can’t stop playong it !! But please add more fairies, and cut down the additional parts. I get there being ads for stuffs but I’m too much.

Leshay Leila: This game is awesome I didn’t say stop reading the rankings because you missed !! This is very interesting and I highly recommend playing this game !!!! So, download Merge Fairies!