Publisher Gram Games,
Category 3D Game, Offline, Puzzle,
Latest Version 4.11.1
Size 120MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On September 14, 2021
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Introduction Game

Merge Dragons Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Merge Dragons is also an interesting option if you love the dragon fighting training game series.ple controls, fun levels and amazing animations.

Once upon a time, in a distant world, there was a vast area of ​​abandoned land. The power of magic in you is the only hope to restore everything. As the name implies, Merge Dragons PC is a fusion of everything – from dragon eggs, trees, treasures to the stars, magic flowers … even combining dragons together to create something new. batch. What will you discover in this vast world?

Not only adventure in the open world, players also have to solve puzzles to rescue abandoned lands. Combine eggs to hatch dragons and restore the inherent peace. The puzzle-solving tables in Merge Dragons are an opportunity for you to build Gaia statues and win, then collect bonuses and bring them back to Dragon Camp.

Merge Dragons gameplay is quite rich, it is the journey to discover the legendary dragons, magic, missions and mysterious lands. Your mission is to bring everything together to create good things!

Merge Dragons Mod ApkMerge Dragons Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • Enjoy a more social merging experience with the all new Dens feature!
  • Add your friends and visit their camps!
  • Improved Dragon Book to check your eggs and merge with ease
  • All new “Merge 5” event
  • Improved Art
  • Even more new levels to play and dragons to collect

Match Objects

  • Discover over 500 fantastic objects to match and interact with through 81 challenges!
  • Freely drag objects around the beautiful world and match 3 of a kind evolve them into more superior items!
  • Match Life Essence and tap it to unleash power to heal the vale!
  • Discover the Gaia statues stuck in each level’s cursed land. Match them to solve the puzzle and create life!

Collect New Dragon Breeds

  • Discover 37 brand new dragon breeds who live in the vale, and evolve them through 8 growth stages for new dragons!
  • Match eggs to hatch helpful dragons who will roam the vale and harvest objects for you to use or match.

Tricky Puzzles

  • Almost 900 quests to challenge your mind!
  • Test your puzzle solving skills in more than 180 tricky levels filled with new quests and rewards to help you build your dragon camp!
  • Match nearly anything – plants, buildings, coins, treasures, fallen stars, magic objects, mythical creatures, and more! How many combinations can you make from 1600+ objects that come before you?
  • Discover hidden levels – can you find them all?
  • On your puzzle journey, you may cross paths with evil Zomblins. Watch out and be careful!

Camp Building

  • The evil fog has taken ahold of the main camp, fight off the fog and heal the land to restore and take back the dragons’ home!
  • Collect dragons eggs, hatch them in the main camp, and earn dragon power to fight off the evil fog.

Be Social

  • Add your friends and gain inspiration from them by visiting their camps and learning their strategies. Gift items and rewards – sharing is caring!
  • Unlock the Dens feature to join a Den, and play alongside like-minded defenders of Dragonia!
  • Socialize, chat, share tips and tricks, and help out fellow members of your Den – band together to heal the land!

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Reviews Of Game

Melissa Claassen: The game Merge Dragons Apk itself is fantastic. BUT, it has a strong pay-to-play component to the point that I think I’m going to actually end up completely stuck without shelling out actual money. I would be happy to pay under $10 to download a full game that wasn’t gated behind micro-transactions, but I won’t start paying down a path with no actual upper limit. If you have children, there are transactions in the game for $99.99 so be sure to guard against accidental ingame purchases.

Stephanie Linhares: The stylus issue has been fixed! Thank you! The update broke the game! I use the s-pen on my Galaxy which makes the game much more enjoyable due to its precision. But this update had ruined that ability. I am unable to select and move items. It jumps all over the screen. Please fix whatever was done. It really has ruined it for me and makes events much harder. I’ve paid money for gems and other items but I’ll never spend a dime more if this can’t be fixed.

Christi Carlton: This game is addictive!!! im waiting for the next section of map!! Im not sure what that lady was complaining about spending too much money! I don’t spend any money and Im doing great! If you learn the tips and tricks posted by Toasted Gamer Boutique on YouTube, you don’t need to spend money. Just play the game you can earn enough Gems to play like you were spending money! They have special events all the time where you can win a lot of the pricier stuff, no money.

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