Matchington Mansion Mod Apk

Download Matchington Mansion Mod Apk 1.69.1 (Unlimited Coins)

Introduction Game

Matchington Mansion Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Coins and Stars) latest version free download for Android. Decorate your villa in the unique match-3 matching puzzle game Matchington Mansion for Android! Interior design and decorate your house with booster and great power combos. Level up and renovate your entire home, including the kitchen and garden.

Having a similar gameplay to Homescapes for Android, Matchington Mansion is an exciting puzzle adventure game! Hone your interior design skills while protecting your new home from the pranks of a mischievous relative. Unlock new rooms, renovate your kitchen or garden and uncover the secrets hidden in furniture – all with a weird cast of characters. You can even track neighbors and learn how their interior design.

Decorate the villa’s rooms, kitchen and garden with style. Unlock hidden areas to receive rewards, decorate each room with new furniture and interesting accessories. Decipher the anecdotal mysteries of Matchington Mansion with innovative match 3 gameplay. Explore the adventures in the mansion with your friend Tiffany, cunning characters, a domestic cat or a pet dog!

A4HOcUY - Matchington Mansion 1.69.1 (Unlimited Coins)Matchington Mansion APK

Main Features

  • Play exciting match 3 levels.
  • Design and decorate your villa in such a way that it looks stylish with its gorgeous furnishings.
  • Unlock hidden areas, explore fascinating adventure stories to receive valuable rewards.
  • Meet the characters in the game and listen to their interesting stories.
  • Countless power combos, incredible boosters and lots of match 3 levels to explore.

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Reviews Of Game

Connie Gorrell: I used to love this game. I liked the decorating part of it and enjoy solving the puzzles, but it has gotten ridiculously hard to get through the levels. Now they are demanding higher amounts of coins to be able to decorate any of the special scenes. Where I used to be able to achieve those goals before their stated deadlines, I don’t anymore, and I really try. UPGRADED REVIEW: I do like how they give free playtime & cute bonuses. I want the special scenes back the way they were!!!!!!

Mark York: I’ve been playing since last April. Really enjoy the challenge; and the new levels each update. I should really pace myself, however I have a desire to compete those levels! Finishing all tasks is the reward. The bonus levels are a difficult, but having a whole flock of birds and rare furniture keeps me playing between the updates. Again; a great game, and wonderful time killer. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Rhonda Lyles: Before you start this game you should know after the first mansion there are 6 more islands with mansions on it. The first island you get to the games are harder and what it takes to get an item goes up in games completed. Hardly ever 1 star. It takes 2 or even 4 to get flowers or plants. Nothing like when you start. Tricky with displays. Don’t take anything you see as real. They not on your side