Publisher TinyCo,
Category 3D Game, Adventure, Online,
Latest Version 2.15.0
Size 79MB
MOD Features Unlmited Money
Requirements Android 4.0.3+
Updated On September 14, 2021
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Introduction Game

MARVEL Avengers Academy Mod Apk (Unlimited Money). Have you seen the world talking about the name Marvel so much lately? From the famous comics dozens of years ago to the fascinating TV series or blockbuster has been and will continue to roam in theaters, everywhere you can easily catch the word Marvel.

If you still think that is not enough and you want to “interact” with the Marvel world more, every day, what do you think about building a school for these “superheroes”? Very attractive, right? What is more desirable than having idols spend “the best time of their lives” – high school. That’s the Marvel: Avengers Academy game.

Your responsibility is to build an academy, recruit students and help them develop the skills and potential available in an “no-normal” environment. Marvel: Avengers Academy is not only fun, cute, but also completely free. You must train your heroes to fight Hydra, unlock new buildings and create the best academy possible.

MARVEL Avengers Academy Mod ApkMARVEL Avengers Academy Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot


The Academy is also your home, where future heroes will live and train. You will build Dr. Pym’s dormitories, research tower or Stark tower. Each building has its own characteristics, affecting each different character. Buildings can also be upgraded to open new missions.

You can choose the location of the buildings in the academy. There are no required rules and you can move them as you like later. To upgrade buildings, you need to collect gold through in-game activities.

The Academy is surrounded by lots of secrets – it’s not difficult to understand because it is run by Director Fury. You may have noticed the fog covering most of the academy area waiting to be explored. Need to do many tasks, help build a laboratory for Dr. Pym and the mystery will gradually be revealed.

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Students are all superheroes in the Marvel universes, I wonder why even Loki (probably loved). Each student has interesting stories inside, possessing abilities, skills and actions similar to reality.

Every time a new student comes to school, you will have to do some small tasks for that person. After that, you can completely control the life of students. Basically, doing all the initial tasks, the character will receive a certain item, enough items will unlock. Some other practitioners require a certain amount of gold.

Mission board

Marvel: Avengers Academy mission board. This is the only place you can earn money in the game (if not spend real money). When you open this panel, you will see a list of tasks for each student and side quests.

Perform missions to receive gold, experience points, thereby upgrading the characters. Before each mission, there are lists of characters to join as well as rewards.

Many tasks only take one or two minutes because they are simple, so only need a few actions of a certain character. In contrast, there are complex tasks that require many characters and actions that each take up to 2 hours. So be wise before each new mission.

Initially, you can only choose to do 3 sub-tasks at the same time, but when you reach a higher level, you will be able to do more at the same time.

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