Publisher Tuyoo Games,
Category Role Playing,
Latest Version
Size 748MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 5.0++
Updated On June 5, 2022
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Magnum Quest Introduction

Do you enjoy RPG games? Download Magnum Quest Mod APK (Unlimited Money) right now! Enjoy a fun Idle RPG game where you can conquer many opponents. Have fun fighting now.


There are so many fun games to be played right now when you’re looking for the best RPG games. With Magnum Quest Mod APK, you can have fun with the most spectacular idle RPG today. Magnum Quest Mod APK presents a unique one where you don’t need to do a lot to enjoy battles.

Published by Tuyoo Games, this one lets you enjoy one of the best RPG games with unique gameplay and high-quality graphics. You can unlock the best heroes today from different factions such as Divine, Abyss, Shadow, Fortress, Forest, and Wild.

Then, you can form the ultimate team, which consists of 5 characters as you go through countless levels. Have fun with different skills that you can use in battle like a leech, freeze, repel, shield, stun, and many more.

Ultimate Idle RPG

Magnum-Quest-Mod-APK1Magnum Quest Mod APK – Gameplay Screenshot

If you’re looking for something unique, then Magnum Quest is the best one for you. This game isn’t like your typical RPG, as this presents idle gameplay for you to enjoy.

Here, you’ll enjoy the highly realistic graphics set in 3D and similar to Tekken and other console games. With this game, you can play in various chapters today, where you can fight many opponents using multiple characters that you can assemble on your team.

You can unlock many heroes that come from various factions like Divine, Shadow, Fortress. Wild, Forest, and Abyss. Enjoy plenty of combinations and skills that you can use today!

Complete many missions and explore many lands here today. There are plenty of enemies to fight here.

What’s New

  • Added the “Decomposition” feature to the gear system.
  • Optimized the shopping experience when you purchase the same item multiple times from the store.
  • Added more red exclamation marks in the WORLD to offer tips.
  • Optimized the UI expression after a settlement is cleared.
  • Optimized some of the models, special FX, and sound FX in the WORLD.

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Main Features

The map full of mystery:

  • An exciting adventure full of surprises and battles to fight. Unlock the unknown areas one by one and open new challenges. Build your own tactics, defeat all enemies on your way while traveling through forest, desert, mountains, sea and other fantastic locations. Master factional attributes and counter strategies, level up your squad, and show your power. You are the one who makes decisions and chooses direction of the adventure. Don’t forget to stay alert, you never know what monsters are waiting for you down the aisle.

GvG&GVE Fights:

  • Do what you are good at, everyone has a role to play in Magnum Quest GVG&GVE fights. Find allies from around the globe and engage in competitive events and challenges to be on the Top of the Armuda continent. Beat your competitors and share lots of in-game resources. Join strategic competitions with endless heroes and equipment combinations: Carefully plan your hero formation. Grow strong together and gain the World Glory!

Relaxing Auto Farming

  • Take the most out of your heroes and send your squad for resource farming battles even when you are offline. Discover lots of different farming locations on the world map and see what you can get.

Epic BOSS Battles

  • Fight challenging BOSS battles for rich rewards! BOSS battles can be tough but also exciting and joyful if you find chink in thier armor! Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how heroes grow!

PVP & PVE Battlefields

  • Follow the main campaign and go through the fascinating storyline, face diverse enemies and beasts in PVE battles or challenge other adventurers in PVP arena!

Labyrinths & Mazes

  • For lovers of crytical thinking and risk taking- labyrinths and mazes full of unpredictable actions and puzzles to solve. Save Armuda from the Fallens attack and who knows, maybe you are the one who is going to be on the top of world ranking.

Seasonal Events:

  • Divert GVG, GVE, PVP, PVE events are waiting for you to explore. Should you have any suggestions? Please feel free to tell us, Magnum Quest team is open for all suggestions and thoughts.

Magnum Quest Reviews

Joana Kemmer: I have had this game for over a week and am really enjoying daily play. There is progression, I can play the full experience without spending and the gameplay is well balanced and smooth. The graphics are good and the game never crashes. You can choose to spend but so far all of the content I have seen (still some areas to unlock yet) is achievable without opening your wallet. You just have to be willing to grind a bit. Great game!

Jerin rockless: Since the last update the game fails. It loads fine (yellow bar 100%) but during the logging in process it crashes and force closes. Edit: Apparently to fix the problem I had to uninstall and download/install the complete game again. It’s working fine now, but not how it should be. Nevertheless 5* for the content update and improvements.

John Pass: This game is like most of the other turn based games on the google store. I like the graphics and animations way more than the competition. This game does have a lot of things to buy, but i think it’s do-able for a free to play player. Cant wait to level up all my characters!

Download Magnum Quest APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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