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Requirements Android 4.1+
Updated On September 14, 2021
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Introduction Game

Ludo King for Android belongs to the board game genre, including two main games, climbing snakes and chess play similar to seahorses. Ludo King APK for Android is suitable for playing with friends, relatives and young children every spare time.

This game is one of the mobile games with classic gameplay similar to the seahorse game that has become very familiar with Vietnamese people. Among mobile games on this list, Ludo King is considered the most attractive and most suitable to play with friends and family on social isolation days. Ludo King supports multiple platforms, from Mac, Android, iOS and Windows. The game also supports offline mode where players can play with the machine or offline mode with many family members.

Voted as the Best Casual Game 2018 shows how irresistible Ludo King is to both gamers and critics.

Download the Ludo King board game for Android

Ludo King for Android was inspired by the popular 6th-century Indian title. Despite its longevity, Ludo game is still loved by all ages to this day and has been diversifying its structure to play on many different platforms. Ludo King for Android is such a game.

Ludo King supports the experience on computers, Android and iOS simultaneously in 2-to-4-player online multiplayer mode. You have the choice to play against players, friends or players from around the world. The objective of this game is quite simple. Each player has 4 pieces to move all at once on the board and bring it to the destination. Whoever takes all 4 pieces to the finish line first is the winner. However, the number of moves depends on the number of dots on the player’s six-sided dice. Players can only move out of the barn when the six-dot face is out. In addition, to increase competition, your troops can be kicked to the barn if the opponent shakes the number of steps to the position it is standing. Once there, you need to shake the dice six dots again to start the game. Speaking of which, you must have thought the seahorse game right? Right. If ever once “plowing” this game with friends, Luko King for Android can not make it difficult for you.

Ludo King for Android is highly competitive

Ludo King for Android adds the game Snake climbing associated with childhood of many generations

In particular, in the latest version of Ludo King for Android has added a new game similar to Snakes and Ladders – Escalating Snakes. This is a childhood game that surely everyone has once experienced. Ludo King for Android has taken this classic game to a whole new level. Players will start from number 1 and must try to be the first to climb to the 100 milestone. The number of moves also depends on the number of dots on the dice the player tossed. If stopped at a ladder, the player will be promoted to a higher number. This is a good luck, you will shorten the way to 100 cells faster. However, if you accidentally touch the snake’s mouth, you will slide down the box (more or less depending on the snake’s length).

Escalating snake game interfaceLudo King game rules for Android

Ludo King for Android has clear gameplay instructions

Did you know that Ludo King was a game just for kings, now you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere with your family and friends. With a simple but equally attractive and challenging gameplay, the Ludo King fun game for Android will bring hours of fun and unforgettable entertainment. Try to beat your opponent to get the highest score on the rankings.

Ludo King Mod ApkLudo King Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Multi-platform games that support Desktop, Android and iOS platforms
  • Includes 2 to 4 players
  • Provide Multiplayer mode (multiplayer)
  • Each player has 4 pieces, each of which must move all over the board and complete the path.

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5 Tips To Remember Remember When Playing Ludo King

Here are some tips of the Ludo King game, if you properly strategize your game, you can win almost every game.

1. Summon All Military One Cautiously

All pieces should be summoned as soon as you have a chance, if you only focus on one or two pieces on the table then you will have fewer options that result in destruction, unable to walk … one number of other serious issues, so summon everything.

2. Don’t Move A Single Piece

Should not only walk a single piece at all times, the time and number of steps should be divided among all the pieces. Instead of that, you move all the troops on different positions so that they are in the most favorable place, can destroy the enemy when they have just slaughtered.

3. Kill the opponent as quickly as possible

For Ludo King it’s important to put all the troops on the board, but it’s also important to kill the enemy, if you focus on moving without the intention to destroy them, it is very possible. You will become a bait. So make the most of the opponent’s chess pieces when the opportunity arises.

4. Try To Change Throw Time

No one can claim to understand the algorithm of the Ludo King game, but trying to change the dice throw time is possible. If you played 4-5 times quickly, take the time to roll the dice in the next opportunity and vice versa.

5. Decide Your Playstyle

If there are two options between winning and destroying opponents, you should decide this before the game starts the way you want to do them. And if you decide to aggressively attack, you must destroy the opponent. If not, you should play a safe game and think of ways to win.

Download Ludo King™ latest versions for Android

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