Publisher Yangyang Mobile,
Category Simulation,
Latest Version 1.6.1
Size 138MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 6.0+
Updated On November 24, 2021
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Love Esquire Introduction

Love Esquire APK is the clearest evidence for the saying “Heroes do not pass the beauty test”. You will eventually fall before the gorgeous beauties of the game, no matter how long or how often you play the role as a swordsman.

Romantic-comedy visual novel/dating sim.

Love Esquire is so sweet

People often talk about sublime things when it comes to “heroes”. History and movies have both shown us that there are many heroes, knights and swordsmen who fight for Love. Love Esquire can help you see if Love is worth it.


Love Esquire combines interactive fiction, classic roleplaying, and turn based combat. However, combat is just an excuse. All you do (sweat and battle) is for love.

I will tell you, to keep your expectations from being too high, that the knight in Love Esquire does not have any extraordinary talents. He is a small, simple soldier. He is a simple soldier with a bit of heroic blood, some fighting ability, and a little talent. However, he has a great desire: he doesn’t want to live a dim life y and follow the arrangement of fate, he wants to find his own love story and rewrite it the way he wishes.

The knight felt his head glow when he thought about this desire. Isn’t love what everyone yearns for? If he can find the true Love of his life, then he is a hero.

He joined the army and set his sights on conquering Love. You, like the knight must reach the destination of Love Esquire to win the hearts and affections of the five most talented and beautiful girls in the kingdom. The flirting adventure begins.

Why is it so difficult to improve stats?

Just like a real battle, flirting isn’t easy, it needs a reason, a trick, and a strategy. All that’s required is luck. To win her heart, the knight must spend all day fighting monsters to earn coins, items, and increase his stats. Then, finally, he will conquer the five most beautiful princesses in the kingdom.

This is common sense. This is common sense. What beauty doesn’t want to love the good guy? You must first improve yourself and make yourself more attractive to the person you love. This is true even in real life. You must be beautiful if you want to be successful. It’s the best when it all comes together. A man like this is hard for a girl to accept.


The Secret of the Master

You must create a balance in order to win the game. Balance the time you spend on the tasks, the stats of the knight so that he is always at the highest status, and the time for the five girls. It is important not to invest too much time in any one of the five girls.

Divide your time. You have to think and do this yourself. If you are familiar with the classic RPGs, it is not difficult to balance each stat’s investment at different times. The hardest part is conquering girls.

To win her affection, the knight should spend time and effort. He must be present with them often, discuss all things in heaven and on earth, give gifts and accompany her in many other activities. Although each girl is unique in her character, they all have one thing in common: they do not pay attention to the poor soldier. But that’s okay, being handsome is not as good as being stubborn. If you are patient and persistent, you will soon get a response.

But that’s not enough, sometimes you can just be friends. You must understand her inside to get to her heart. To do the right thing, learn about each girl’s background, personality and inner concerns. Reach the top of the ladder to conquer women. You will have a happy ending in which she accepts her love and nods timidly.

There are many situations that can open up depending on your attitude, sincerity and investment. This is where romance novels come in to play. Depending on your behavior, you can find different endings and the love of your dreams.

Graphics and sounds


Love Esquire APK – Gameplay Screenshot

There is a noticeable difference between the character creation shown in the poster, and the actual image of the character in the game. This is similar to the usual anime style. It would be amazing if the small image of the character was as beautiful and appealing as the 2D static image. Well, if you’re too familiar with anime games, you probably won’t care much about it. In my experience, don’t watch the ads or cutscenes too deeply, just go straight to the game to avoid disappointment.

Except for the above cons of these anime games, I like Love Esquire’s visuals and sound so much. Beautiful scenery, blurred background, smooth movement. The best thing about the game is its color. It highlights the design and adds excitement.

Love Esquire’s image gallery of the 5 other dream girls is another plus. Each girl is unique and worth exploring. The background music changes depending on the person’s mood and personality, which makes it easy to flirt with them.

Main Features

  • 5 Dateable Waifus – Love Esquire’s heroines are not just pretty faces! Each one has its own backstory, ambitions, plots, and dark little secrets that you will need to discover.
  • Turn-based combat – You may not be a decent squire, but you have a number of unconventional techniques to keep your needy knight alive. You can cheer, heal, loot and taunt your way to victory.
  • Raise Stats – Git gud and become the ideal man by increasing your strength, charisma and intelligence. These traits are not only beneficial for your combat abilities but also for your relationships.
  • Forge Relationships – Amp up your squirely charm by giving gifts and whispering sweet nothings to your waifu. If you can get their romance points up high enough, they will open up to you in many ways.
  • Multiple Endings – What’s waiting for your squire at the end of the journey? Make sure you are careful when making these choices.
  • Fully voiced – Hear your waifus fully express their undying love for you!

Love Esquire Reviews

Rean 778: This is the best rpg/ dating sim I’ve ever seen! The humor is spot-on and the game is fun overall! I was impressed with the voice acting, especially my boi squirrel. He really exudes that “lovable idiot” vibe.

Joshua Barry: This game was worth every penny. I knew it was gold the moment I heard the lyrics “so many to see, so many to read”, sung to the tune of the all-star.

Maveric Dark: Although I liked the game, the update that cleared the data made it a little less buggy. All you had to do was reupdate the game again.

Xin Kamishiro: Best single player dating sim I’ve experienced. The story is hilarious and I am captivated by the characters.

Leonmonkey1 The Myth: I played it on the switch, and am currently playing it again. It is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have in character development and storytelling. It is filled with so much passion and love. Grab those squires and make some memories.

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