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Latest Version 1.0
Size 2GB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.3 Network required+
Updated On January 10, 2022
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Lost Light Introduction

Lost Light APK is a combination of third-person shooter and adventure. It also offers survival. It is also rich in graphics and terrain that makes the game so amazing. Lost Light is just what you need in your mobile gaming adventure.


Lost Light APK is a postapocalyptic world. You are an experienced member of FirelySquad. You and your team will travel to dangerous places, search for survivors, and rescue them. The risk of losing your life in this dangerous adventure could cost you your life. To defeat powerful enemies, you must be careful and make use of all the weapons and skills available to you. You can choose to play in either solo or multiplayer.


Graphics are nothing to be unhappy about

Many players have rated that Lost Light even contains miniatures and areas that are better than others. PUBG Mobile. Yes. Every person has their own feelings. For me, PUBG Mobile was something I’d never tried before I faced Lost Light. (After that, I tried it out because I was curious as to why people compare these two guys so much). The objective feeling you get when you face Lost Light is beautiful. Maybe Lost Light was released later, so graphics were better. This cannot be denied. The developer clearly put a lot of effort into every scene. The most spectacular scenes in the forest are those that take place at night. They’re both beautiful and bright, providing excitement for the players.

Real-life weapons that can be customized to your specifications

Another good point I forgot to mention is now. Lost Light is set in the far future when technology and all other things have advanced a lot more than they do now. However, the developer didn’t depend on it to create too many weapons. Lost Light’s weapon system is familiar and not too different from what we have seen in traditional shooting games. They are realistic in their form, range, and damage.

Lost Light APK weapons are rich and real, but they also have deep and detailed details. Each gun can be upgraded to 12 parts. This depth gives players many options to survive and support combat in any situation.

The third-person view in the action phases also allows you to see more clearly every character’s movement and how to make use of each weapon. The gun shaking when you aim at an enemy, and the gun panning back and forth when you find the object to shoot are both very real.


Obviously, the idea of ​​​​shooting is not strange anymore, and the way to control the gun is also like typical shooter games. Lost Light is known for its complex customization options and dense gun system.

Survival factors

Lost Light is a survival game that can be played in third-person. Here you will find all of the essential survival features. Explore, Fight enemies and collect items to improve weapons. It is essential to care for your health indicators, blood, food, and physical strength.

It is not always about death and life in a battle against an enemyand it is possible to be hit with bullets or get hurt. After being hit by bullets, you will need to run to an evacuation zone for treatment. You can also eat and drink to replenish your energy. This is a completely different element from the shooting games.

A world of survival with harsh rules

There are a lot of “win-or-die” situations where players have to make their own decisions. There are always enemies, but food is scarce. Either you will lose your blood to obtain food, and be prepared to fight any evildoer out there, or you will choose stealthy and move closer to the food source, taking some, and returning safe. Each decision and every action of the player will determine the character’s fate.

It is also important to be able to survive as long and safely as possible in this world. It is important to know what you have and what you can do. Weapons, equipment, food sources, inherent skills, health, and difficulty of the surrounding terrain… They can be advantageous if you know how to take advantage and exploit them. They can also be fatal weaknesses.

Lost-Light-APK3Lost Light APK – Gameplay Screenshot

And so, only fighting all day sometimes won’t help you survive for long. It is essential to have a clear plan and look for evacuation points before you enter battle. Sometimes, hiding from the enemy can be the best option. It is important to have everything you need to survive: you can equip many enemies to kill them all in one shot, but you don’t necessarily need to do so quickly. Or you can just gather enough food, drink, and weapons to protect yourself in difficult environments.

All loot, and all items, will be lost. No matter which strategy you use to play Lost Light – you must live first. It is important to remember survival statistics in all circumstances.

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Main Features

Realistic warfare survival

  • The wrathful apocalypse has desecrated familiar landmarks like factories, harbors, and forests . You must pay attention to the smallest details when on the battlefield. Failure to do so will have devastating consequences. It is essential to be familiar with your weapons and equipment. You should also learn how to deal with hunger and pain. You will need to complete survivors’ commissions and find supplies.

Customization of authentic firearms

  • The firearms are faithfully recreated from structures to textures to give players the best possible firearms experience. Each firearm has 12 interchangeable parts, and you have hundreds of options. Now it’s time for you to optimize your loadout with hundreds of options. The system will recommend loadouts that are suitable for Quick Equip.

All About Tactics

  • In Lost Light, violence is not always the answer—as long as you can find the evacuation point, you can make it out alive. You could choose to be armoured to the teeth to reap the loots and create havoc, or you might choose to be minimalist and make your own fortune by scavenging. But remember, if you die in combat, you lose everything—the loots are not yours until you make it out alive!

Before moving out, plan your route

  • You must be ready to fight in your shelter. You must not only keep fit and healthy, but you also need to be able to design and customize your own loadout. Be careful about what gear you select, as the battle starts when you begin to outfit yourself.

Diversified Social Interaction

  • Lost Light offers a unique opportunity to choose cooperation over being a single wolf, unlike other competitive survival games. You may decide to team up with a spared enemy or commission other players to rescue you after you’re knocked out—endless possibilities await!

Cross-Platform play

  • The thrill of battle is now available to PC gamers. For a cross-platform gaming experience, players on both mobile and desktop devices will be able match-make and chat with one another. To complete more challenges, and to achieve the impossible, you can form groups across different platforms.

Profit From Free-Trade

  • After the evacuation, you will retreat deep into the abandoned tunnels underground where you can stash your loot or establish a foothold. Once you have made it a fully functioning base of operations, trading can be done within Lost Light’s economy. Sell your surplus and buy what’s in need—Trade wisely and your chance of survival increases!

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