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Introducing Last Fortress: Underground

We still have a chance underground, even though the world above seems lost.


Last Fortress Underground: Underground is about survivors in a zombie epidemic. Castle, the last refuge for the fortunate has fallen. People who believed they were saved were forced to flee in panic and frenzy, more so than during the horrifying evacuation.

You will be the commander of a group survivors and help them escape into the wasteland. You and your friends discover an abandoned fortress rising out of the ground as they attempt to escape the zombies. You have no choice but to take everyone into the shelter fortress. This wasteland is still a battleground for survival.

Last Fortress Underground 1

Smartly utilizing human resources and resources

The Last Fortress: Underground is a different kind of zombie war than what you are used to. In this fortress, which is both solid and dark, you will have to find a lot of things to light and operate the surrounding space: satellites, generators, lighting systems… Also here, you and your companions will meet other survivors living in this fortress. Assist them in building relationships, and in fighting the dangerous world outside.

Each member of the group has special life skills that allow him to survive in difficult situations. From chefs, doctors, and engineers to scientists, miners, and soldiers, it’s up to you to effectively utilize their skills!

This is the essence of the strategy in the Last Fortress Underground. Because each person has their strengths and weaknesses, your ability to determine which people to use depends on your intelligence and sensitivity. While you don’t have to lead the team, it is important that you are a good leader. Recognizing the power and fully exploiting that power to your team’s advantage, that’s how great leadership is.

You will decide who is responsible for taking you out to search for resources and shelter in the nearby deserted area. This is dangerous because if it is not done properly, you will lose your weapon and your team’s life to the zombies who are crazy outside.

You will succeed by thinking about multiple options, coordination, assignment, teamwork, and considering all possible outcomes.

Your companions and you will find a different way to meet everyone’s needs, regardless of whether they are in the war against zombies or the survival underground. As leader, you’ll have to determine the order of priorities in order to balance defense and safety. Your division will determine the safety of your party and the fortress. You need to create a dedicated “army” of all the individuals with the fitness and expertise suitable for combat. These are the army that rises to find rare resources and those who can fight zombies and appeal to arms.

Operations inside the fortress, and further underground, will all be used to defend it. The right people will be assigned with the appropriate tools and skills to speed up the process of building structures and researching technology. We have found a way underground to allow life to continue to grow, despite the fact that the ground is now covered in zombies and other threats.

New approach to an old subject

Last Fortress: Underground is a new chapter of the zombie-themed post-apocalyptic video game series. The world is still devastated by the zombie pandemic. The zombie pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the world. Last Fortress Underground gives us a new, hopeful, and optimistic look. Even though the world above has ended, there’s still an underground one waiting. To make it all, you only need patience and unity.

Last Fortress: Underground focuses heavily on construction elements. Your ability to organize, plan, and design underground infrastructure will make a significant contribution to the future city of humanity. This is especially true for survivors. You can still play the game even if the rhythm is a little boring. You will notice a rapid change in the situation when you encounter them. There are deaths and casualties, so you need to make the process go as quickly as possible.

Last Fortress Underground 2

Motivation to survive high

Last Fortress Underground has another advantage: It gives you a true survival feeling. Everything is dangerous and uninhabitable. You will feel like an insider when you allow players to take turns playing multiple characters. From there, be aware of what you’re doing. It’s important to always have the desire to live. It’s so stimulating and exciting that it never ends.

Main features

Castle, the largest group of survivors, was destroyed.

It was once a beacon of hope during the post-apocalypse. Now it shares the same fate with the rest. A small group of survivors managed escape from the chaos to the barren wilderness.

You are the Commander for these survivors. You are fleeing the zombie horde which has decimated your last sanctuary. However, you stumble upon a strange structure sticking out of the ground. You are low on supplies and have no other options so you choose to seek refuge in the building. This is the start of your survival campaign in this zombie-infested environment.

    You can expand your shelter by adding many facilities like the Satellite Nexus and Power Generators to it, or the Mission Control. Design the shelter’s layout whichever way you like!
    Every survivor and hero possesses unique life skills that allowed them to survive in the end. From chefs, doctors, and engineers to scientists, miners, and soldiers, it’s up to you to effectively utilize their skills!
    You can create a diverse team with heroes who each have their own personalities and talents. To conquer the most difficult situations, you can choose your favorite team combination.
    Explore the wilderness and find valuable resources outside of the shelter.
    For forward operating bases and resources, set up camps. Keep your eyes open! At any time, zombies could strike!
    Fighting alone is difficult so why not fight alongside your friends? To eliminate those zombies, join or create an Alliance! Assist allies by accelerating each other’s constructions and tech researches.
    It’s a win-win situation either way! It’s all or none now! Commando, get out there and start your adventure!

Last Fortress: Underground Reviews

 Stu Jones: i’ve played them all and i have to say this is a great war game..i like the idea you dont need massive armies to compete and the heros have a basic level/ascend up option where anyone can understand unlike other mass player war games that are too complex and too confusing and that turns people off pl…

Dawn Stokes: I must admit, I’ve played many bunker survival/build your empire games. This is a very original game. They combined them! It is great that there are so many options. It is hard to understand why people give negative reviews. Playing doesn’t require you to pay anything, but it might take a while to get lv u.

Adrian Rone: This game is comparable to Fallout Shelter. It’s incredible with the variety of experiences, in game view, as well as the development for higher reputation while you play the game. In the next update, I would like to see a Robotics factory that produces with engineer class cha…

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