Publisher ZlongGames,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 2.69.0
Size 3GB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.0 Network required+
Updated On January 10, 2022
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Laplace M Introduction

ZlongGames will release a new version for Southeast Asian markets, Laplace M. The game is very similar to Ragnarok and features adorable graphics. Laplace M is available as an APK download. Join the adventure in the fantasy land.

Characters system

You can join Laplace M APK to select one of four character classes: Mage (Assassin), Warrior, or Cleric. Each character class will have a different fighting style and skill. Assassin will be focused on melee combat, Mage will use magic. Warrior, on the other hand, is a class that has high attack power and a wide range of defenses. Cleric will support and treat.


After reaching level 22, your character can use 4 of the main skills in the control panel. Additional skills can be acquired by killing bosses to make it easier for you to play as a card. These are powerful damage spells that can be used to transform players and give them a new set skills. These classes will be able to unlock the Transfer function at level 50. Transfers allow characters to unlock new skills, and greatly increase their power index.

The game allows you to personalize your characters. This is probably the most important feature in RPG series. This allows the characters to easily change their clothes through fashion shops. Players can choose the most striking costumes for their characters.


Information about Laplace M’s gameplay is not revealed too much. Basically, it’s like other MMORPGs. Each player has to complete the tasks that are assigned and work together with other players to create a team. Activities in the game also include dungeon, PvP, boss fight, …

It is not easy to organize PvP missions. No matter how high the player’s level is, the game does not allow you to comfortably kill any other player outside the city area. This is a way for the company to develop restrictions, protect new players from “rich” players.

Laplace-M-APK2Laplace M APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Laplace M APK will increase the interactivity in the game. The game allows players to make friends, meet new people and even start a virtual family.

Take care of your pet

The Guardian has changed the pet system. You can have many types of pets and give them to your group. Each Guardian will be unique. Your guard will be stronger if you become more intimate with your Guardians (by fighting or working with them). The player can also capture the pet, and turn it into his pet. You can also collect cards to unlock powerful and rare pets.

iPhone and Android users will be able interact with their pet through the AR Pet Catcher function. AR Pet Capture will allow you to capture pets in the real world. You may not be able to use AR Pet Catching. Please verify that your device supports this function.


Laplace M’s anime design style is stunning and promises to create a magical world. Laplace M mobile version requires that the smartphone run Android ver. 4.4 with at least 2GB RAM. iOS 9 optimization will be required for the iPhone version. It will need 1GB RAM.

Android and iOS users can interact with one another rather than being separated platforms. The regions will be clearly marked so players can make friends and socialize.


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Main Features

Fantastic adventure, romantic and unforgettable

  • You will be taken to Laplace when you first start the game. There is a chance you could become the blessed warrior, but disaster is on its way. You have many options, including assassin, mage and cleric. You can leave the town with the vision of your dream, protect your team with the holy shield, and kill the devil for rare equipment. Begin a romance adventure with your friends in this world full of love and make new friends along the way!

Summon pets to assist you in the Duel Card Game

  • Laplace has many adorable pets that have magic power and are mutually dependent. Soul Cards are used to seal the pets. You can use the soul cards to increase the power of your characters. Cards give you the ability to transform or activate the effects of the cards and summon the corresponding pets to help you in battle.

Create your family,make new friends

  • Laplace allows you to go on a date and be with your loved one. You can be with your partner and enjoy a romantic union. You can also grow wheat, raise poultry, cook food and exchange visits with friends and you can chat with your friends online using the voice chat feature.

Various cute avatars,design yourself

  • You can make your avatar unique by personalizing your headdress, back decoration and clothes to suit different occasions. All types of school uniforms are available, including lolita dresses, school uniforms for females, maid suits, school uniforms and other school uniforms. There are even cute decorations such as animal ears and panties that you can use to make your own style and become a fashion expert in Laplace.

Laplace M Reviews

Syafiq Dragunov: Fun & addictive! Help optimize this game on Mi Pad 5, as it always stuck at the loading screen on Mi Pad 5 Thank you!

Raymon Tolentino: It’s a great game. It was a great game that my brother in-law and me enjoyed. We would like to see some improvements, such as increased chances of getting gold equipments in the equipment realm, player-to-player trading system, which would make it easier for us to catch up on equipment. I am hoping that you will get involved in this DEVT. TEAM. That’s all. Godspeed to all of you.

BishKit: So far, a good game. Excellent graphics and gameplay. Deceptive dialouge comes from non-english-speaking creators. I will keep playing to see what happens. Edit: Yes, there’s a bit of lag. Also, the “200% drop rate” for Nightmare in Equipment Realm seems a bit ridiculous. However, this is still a fun game. I hope that you will listen to your players. Without them, your game won’t get played and you won’t make any hard cash.

Download Laplace M APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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