Kung Fu Z Mod Apk

Download Kung Fu Z Mod Apk 1.9.18 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Kung Fu Z APK for Android is a classic martial arts action game with cool arcade style. Where you will step into the war against zombies with your class martial arts.

In Kung Fu Z, you will play the role of Zak, a guy who is passionate about martial arts. One morning, while meditating, Zak is suddenly attacked by a zombie. Then, he found out that the entire city is surrounded by army of zombies, most of people turned into zombies.

Now Zak has to be a reluctant hero. With only his fists, feet, and wits, he must save the city and the world from the evil Dr. Z’s plan to destroy humanity!

Kung Fu Z allows gamers to attack multiple enemies at the same time. With classic graphics and animations, the game is familiar but equally engaging and dramatic!

Kung Fu Z for Android fights bloodthirsty zombies to save the city. And the whole world has escaped the apocalypse, with just a fist. His feet and intelligence. The battle to destroy the zombies to protect humanity from Dr. Z’s evil and dangerous plan begins.

E8g5qgC - Kung Fu Z 1.9.18 (Unlimited Money)Kung Fu Z APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Unlock special abilities and crazy attack combos!
  • Harness the mythical powers of the Snake, Tiger and Dragon!
  • Advance your training to legendary black belt status!
  • Choose from many unique and recognizable Sidekicks to fight with!
  • Find ancient scrolls and special weapons!
  • Collect 100s of combat gear and costumes!
  • Epic boss battles!
  • Classic arcade action!
  • Beautiful retro music and graphics!

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Reviews Of Game

Derek Arnold: This game is awesome. You don’t need to pay for anything. 300 gems are quite easy to find in a day. So getting a backend is pretty easy. And all the possibilities look really great and they all differ. The only thing I’m going to change is how you level up your releases. You can level up with gem points instead of getting them back in packs. This makes it really difficult to level up the epic sidekicks. Different from that best game. I played it for 5 hours straight and it’s still fun. October 15.

Joel Gonzalez: Another masterpiece besides dash quest. Any opportunity to add more abilities and skills. It’s possible that the playable characters are just for entertainment. More levels but that’s really it. The game is not p2w, the customization with the skills and equipment is interesting. The effects are neat and flashy and I love classical style music. And a masterful skill is neato. Lets become stronger. Yet another game is made right from 9/10 stars.

Ivailo Stefkov: Gorgeous 80s style party scrolls. With some useful idle features! LOVE movie soundtrack! Spacious with all currencies and loot. And some places to watch videos are always worth it. Totally worthy of all 5 stars! Thanks for a great retro game!

Chris Swett: I am very grateful for watching this game! Worthy of the starting year. If you develop something else like this or extend this. You can make it more RPG style. By creating a story in more depth. Thanks again.