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Latest Version 2.78.2
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Requirements Android 4.4 Network required+
Updated On June 15, 2022
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Klondike Adventures Introduction

Klondike Adventures Mod APK (No Ads) is a grenade adventure to explore the territories of Alaska with the brave girl Kate and the guy Paul.


The time machine is now open. Next stop: At the end of 19th century, thousands of Canadian workers were attracted to the Klondike Gold Rush in Canada. Klondike Adventures will take you from your smartphone screen straight to the past – a place different from today’s world. But you’re not just a visitor. Kate, Paul, and I are your guides. After a severe snowstorm decimated the cold northern region, your role will be to lead the social reconstruction efforts. You will embark on an adventure to discover new lands and improve them.

Klondike-Adventures-APK1Klondike Adventures Mod APK – Gameplay Screenshot


Take care of workers and animals, and do not forget your daily production tasks: from harvesting beans, rice to cutting trees, repairing the barn shed, producing food for cattle as well as sales of products collected from them such as chicken eggs, cow’s milk, wool, … in neighboring cities. You will earn coins and energy by preparing orders and shipping them off to the shipper. Besides, the construction of buildings such as houses for workers, factories, ships, … is also an important task that you need to complete with the production.


If you are able to work hard and have enough energy, you can unlock new lands. Klondike Adventures Mod APK is made up of 11 maps. Each map contains 5-6 cities, plus a small event location. You can grow the region further by participating in special events. Watch out for the locations that require time. To get energy and gold, and especially emeralds in return, you can do rock quarrying.

But those cute rewards don’t mean anything if your residents get sick. Time travellers often share the same advice: Pay attention to everyone’s health. Alaska’s cold climate isn’t pleasant. If someone has fever, you will decide their fate.


Gold can be used for the purchase of factories and houses. This gold will allow you to complete each level of tasks and purchase seeds to ensure that your residents have access to essential food sources. An emerald can be purchased with cash, if you have the money. While emeralds allow you to exchange energy or gold, they are quite costly compared to how much energy you can collect. You should use all the emeralds available to you. You can still play if you are low on energy.

  • Trade candy, chocolate, … that you get through each animal when they have reached the production limit through the Cauldron machine.
  • The Furnace machine can be used to change fruits, honey, or mushrooms. It also allows you to harvest these materials during times when you would normally have to cut bushes.
  • Blueberry jam and barbecue are great sources of energy.

The difficulty and complexity of the task will rise as the level increases. However, don’t panic, complete all tasks and you will find your way to the land. Klondike Adventures will help you find your way. This will save you energy and help you avoid burning it.


2D graphics are used in the game. For low-profile machines, it can take a while to download. The game’s images are not overly complicated, but they still look very good and simple. I love the scene and the people in this game. They are adorable.


Klondike Adventures Mod APK is an online game but they don’t have too many ads. We can either reject the ads or have them removed when we receive help from the game. It’s a plus for the game for those who do not like too many ads like me, and you probably too. But it also very inconvenient when you can’t play without wifi.

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Main Features

  • Follow the StoryYou can see Paul and Kate having quite the life! We promise, this will feel just like your favorite TV series!
  • ExploreMany locations, each with their own unique content and set in different landscapes. This game has it all. 🤩
  • Construct a flourishing city with factories & farms, mine for resources and craft everything you need for travels, quests, new buildings and orders from the locals dropping by your town.
  • FarmSimulation in the wild Raise animals & harvest crops, make food for yourself and to trade.
  • Compete with neighboring farm owners & take as many craft and farm orders as you can during the timed events held among all the players of the simulation game!
  • Unlock challenging quests! Assist Kate and Paul in solving mysteries and constructing ancient ruins in every village or town they visit.
  • PlayFun mini-games for your farm and other locations
  • Enjoy the breathtaking scenery & landscapes of various locations! Each corner of your small town in the north is filled with history and wonders of nature!
  • MeetDuring your travels from one place to the next, meet outstanding game characters and listen to their captivating stories!

Klondike Adventures Reviews

Andre Komorski: It is very well-thought out. I find it entertaining and helps me to get out of my stress. One thing I don’t like is when you are retrieving farm goods from your herds. You tap the emerald sign several times, then tap the emerald sign again to retrieve more goods. I have lost over 100 emeralds this year. I would appreciate it if you could at least make this easier and give me the option of doing it another way.!

Tam Olsen: I love, love, love this game! Although, I wish there were a way to keep playing without* running out if energy so quickly 🤔. It takes away from the enjoyment. It’s a great game, but it’s annoying enough to stop the flow. 😒

Emma Alvin: I love the game, but please give dinomite to people instead of taping a balloon. It just pops in the wrong spots. Can we save animals instead of buying them more often? It’s really a pain. When saving for a building, I can’t keep getting coins that will replace the animals. Apart from that, it’s a great game.

Shirley Burt: While the hint to keep exploring was unhelpful, the rest was excellent. This exploration was very fun. Here we are in 2021. I am still enjoying the game. Great job. Your creations are incredible and very challenging. Your challenges are both challenging and interesting, even though it’s 2022.

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