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Download Kingdom Wars Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Kingdom Wars Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) latest version free download for Android. Game is a sequel to Dragon Storm, a time when the dark forces rise to avenge the debts of the past and players will fight with a completely different gameplay.

Kingdom Wars is a defense strategy game produced by NPH Springcomes. This is a game that is more about content and gameplay than graphics and sound. Therefore, the game has extremely small capacity according to the criteria: “I play this game because the gameplay is the main”. However, that is not the reason why this game becomes boring. Let’s see how Kingdom Wars has made up for its missing parts.

New wet feet into the game, surely the first-time players will only understand the story line as an invasion of monsters, our mission is to protect the people. Yes, it is not wrong to understand that. However, according to Kingdom Wars assessments, everything has its cause and the reason why the monsters invade this land is derived from the Dragon Storm plot – the previous part of Kingdom Wars.

“Simple” is probably the phrase that most clearly describes this game. Kingdom Wars has a very simple gameplay that anyone can play. Different from ARPG role-playing style like in Dragon Storm, Kingdom Wars is built on the defensive strategy game. Because it is the revenge of the monsters, keeping the country’s security is extremely understandable.

In Kingdom Wars, the player’s main task is to defend attacks from monsters. The main screen will be divided into two halves, the left is our main house, the right is the main house. The enemy troops will keep coming to destroy our city, so we need to send troops to battle. In addition, we can also use special skills from the main house. However, their use is limited, should only be used in emergency situations.

FrivfsK - Kingdom Wars (Unlimited Money)Kingdom Wars Mod Apk – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • 400+ various stages
  • 200+ unique allies and enemy units
  • Over 100 allies units have their unique Limit-break looks
  • Collect treasures in each stages and trigger various option effects
  • Play differently and strategically with 6 kind of Booster Items

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Reviews Of Game

Shane Ovesny: Awesome game. Easy to play and advance without PTW. Haven’t spent a dime. With latest update the PvP seems to just spam the robot character that shoots screws. Extremely difficult to defeat. Would be nice to be able to change name in PvP. Also around stage 8 chapter 50, the levels become nearly impossible to win with out using tornadoes and force fields.

Utku Günerhan: I really like the game. But needs something to improve about getting new characters and new stages. Super legend and legend shouldn’t be only to get only gems. It’s boring for new players. We should able to buy any character with gold. Also needs more often updates and events.

Dryad Healing: Good little game, carnt complain. Nice to just chill and bring the raining pain. Upgrades are cool and so are the other individual tools. Characters, levels, castles and bosses. Not that hard either so I can enjoy without many losses. Good game lads and girls, been looking for a game like this, so enjoy the feedback because this game I crnt diss.