Kingdom Rush Mod Apk

Download Kingdom Rush Mod Apk 4.2.25 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

Introduction Game

Kingdom Rush APK is a famous action defense game – now available on Android mobile phones and tablets.

In Kingdom Rush, you are ready to defend your kingdom against monsters, evil giants, wicked wizards and ferocious monsters by taking advantage of the arsenal and magic.

Kingdom Rush for Android, your mission is to fight in forests, mountains and plains, customize your defense tactics with various combat upgrades.

You will create a rain of fire and rain on the top of the enemy, summon reinforcements, order the army, recruit more warriors and face legendary monsters in the quest to rescue the kingdom from dark power.

Z2VjlDu - Kingdom Rush 4.2.25 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)Kingdom Rush APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • The battle to defend the castle will take you hours to conquer.
  • Order the soldiers and watch them participate in the battle
  • 8 modes to upgrade the battle to different players easy to customize tactics. For example: Mighty Barbarians, Arcane Wizards, Forest Rangers and other modes.
  • More than 50 different types of enemies, from elves to the wicked, each has a unique skill.
  • 9 heroes: Choose the talent who can lead the army to victory.
  • The battle has never been seen in the genre of defense games.
  • Optimized for Android phones and tablets.
  • Encyclopedia right in the game with a lot of information from your castle to the enemies.

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Reviews Of Game

Treecko EX: A great game, I’ve played it since I was a kid. Love all the games and 10/10 will recommend. There is not any serious violence and the tactics are not very complicated. Use soldiers to stop enemies, magic to take down armored archers to cover everything up. And destroy bombs to defeat powerful enemies! The hero is not expensive for a free game and makes it much easier if the game is difficult for you. All the items you receive are strong and the skill tree can be reset for free. Best game ever!

Samuel Conway: This is a new game. No ads, no pay to win nonsense. Just fine, outdated tower defense strategy. This is not an easy game and needs quite a bit of practice to understand the type or building you need. To fight any enemy and how to balance them. Special tower is a great addition two, each one is unique and useful in different situations. Once you know what they do, you can organize your strategy to carry out the challenge. Very fun and addictive!

Jonah Stokes: This is probably one of the best (free) TD games on mobile. It has really easy controls that you can understand even without instructions. It’s a gun campaign not too long but long enough to keep you on a 5-4 hour flight. And even longer if you discover the difficulties and operation harder. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys the mid-evil setting and also likes BTD games.

Duncan devera: Highly recommended. One of the rare games they just give you the whole game and don’t ask for money for it. Unlike the others where you pay for the game, there are still micro transactions inside to progress. You can spend money in it, but it’s not even necessary from afar. I bought two heroes just to support the creators. Name!

TriPix Steve: Exactly what was advertised. I’m telling you, I’ve been scouring the play store for legitimate games … These are some VERY good games … Great art, great gameplay, Crunchy, engaging play, unlockable, achievement, easy to understand … I can continue Bravo, I praise the design team. And develop for an incredible job in this game.