Kingdom: New Lands Mod Apk

Kingdom: New Lands Mod Apk 1.3.2 (Unlimited Money)

  • Name
    Kingdom: New Lands
  • Publisher
  • Genre
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  • Latest Version
  • MOD Features
    Unlimited Money
  • Platforms
    Android 5.0+

Introduction Game

Kingdom: New Lands APK for Android is a 2D strategy game built on pixel graphics. The game is extremely interesting. Where you play as a king fighting to build his kingdom from scratch.

In Kingdom: New Lands, you will play the role of a king or queen in the medieval times. Build your kingdom and protect it from enemy invasion. With 2D graphics, you can only scroll left, right. With a limited amount of gold offered. Players will use it to recruit their henchmen. Build city walls to stop monsters and upgrade castle.

Just like other kingdom-building strategy games, to be able to create a mighty nation and fight off monsters to a large number is not a simple challenge. Every time night falls, monsters come to steal your gold and crown. Therefore, the player must create a solid and solid defense system.

Kingdom: New Lands possesses classic 8-bit pixel graphics that does not stand out, if not far behind, today’s 3D games. However, if you just look at the picture and ignore this game, it is a pity that the game possesses a simple, super interesting gameplay.

Kingdom: New Lands for Android offers a challenging strategy experience. For new players and longtime fans of castle gamers. Built on tower defense gameplay and mysterious storyline. Kingdom: New Lands brings a lot of new content while still remaining simple and profound.

KUJKNIY - Kingdom: New Lands 1.3.2 (Unlimited Money)Kingdom: New Lands APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Become the king of the kingdom, ride on a horse and own a bag of money.
  • Greedy monsters try to steal your gold coins and your crown every time night falls.
  • Loyal minions will help you build, attack, and defend the kingdom.
  • Many upgrade options, different types of units for players to choose to attack or defend, and explore the secrets scattered throughout the land.
  • Good background music.

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Reviews Of Game

Tyler Walker: This is a really serene and beautiful game. To be honest, gameplay is secondary to the visual and aesthetic to me. This is really my favorite pixel art in any game. Despite this praise, I’m not sure if it’s worth it. It’s not too much, but it’s a portable game. Therefore it can benefit from lower price. Either way if this is your kind. Then it’s worth it, and when it’s on sale I want to say it’s worth the price for everyone.

Quantix Co: One of my all time favorite games. It’s a great pleasure to have it on a mobile device. One of the few quality games you can find here. And probably the best design can work extremely well on a mobile device. The best gaming experience you can and will have on your phone. Especially in the tactical genre

Hello World: I already bought this game on Steam. But I enjoyed this game so I bought it again. To be able to play it on the go! My phone has a bit of trouble handling the massive amount of spawning. By day 60, it was basically unplayable. But I can still get through it haha. Still love this game to death.

Peter Roesler: To be honest, this game doesn’t waste any money. I promise you, I’ve also played the PC version. And to be honest, I’ll be playing it every morning I wake up. I seriously gave this game 5 stars. Because it was born it surprised me. With its music graphics and gameplay.

Torz Tinder: Lovely game in every aspect, perfect graphics. The mechanism is also good and the feel is very immersive. This game, without saying any words is already one of the best. That I played 10/10 want to recommend to everyone!