Publisher FreeMind Games,
Category Simulation,
Latest Version 1.26
Size 92MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 5.0+
Updated On October 25, 2021
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Introducing Junkyard Builder Simulator

Scrap isn’t just waste material

Many times, garbage of all types is collected in one location, causing problems for those who manage it. They should have been sorted at the source and placed in the correct landfill.

Junkyard Builder Simulator 1

Sorting waste properly will make things a lot easier: it can be separated, not mixed, reduce environmental pollution, water pollution, scrap can also be used, and there is more recycling.

This simulation game can help you to understand the cost of garbage, and thus increase your motivation to collect garbage from your home.

You will be the owner of the scrapyard, only gain and don’t lose anything

Junkyard Builder Simulator simulates crafting. The production of equipment and machines is possible only from the scraps left in the landfill.

Scrap is almost always considered useless and looked down on. You think differently. The potential of the scrapyard’s items is what you see. Oh, forgot to mention, Junkyard Builder Simulation will allow you to become the owner and operator of a large scrapyard. This owner has an open mind and is particularly aware of the value of each item.

Junkyard Builder Simulator2

Thanks to that, he was able to see things other people don’t: for example, scraps can be completely reused, recycled, even renewed most unexpectedly. He is also a skilled, resourceful, and knowledgeable person who has made all of his ideas a reality. That’s the context of the game.


As mentioned, you have a lot of things in your hands: vast scrap yards, multi-talented talents, and countless ideas to get rich… So you will both manage your scrap yard, and start making a series of cool things based on these discarded items.

You can also gather all the corroded pipe together, pack them up and sell them.

You will need to repair the parts of an old car in order to make it work again.

There is always scrap to be renovated and you can make money. You don’t need to spend much money, as most of the cost is in transportation and management. If this continues, it is possible to become a scrapyard millionaire.

You have thousands of options to make money with the Junkyard Builder Simulator. You must first clean up and sort this scrap yard. It is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks. Paper, scrap metal has, plastic, precious alloys, machinery, and equipment… Everything has its own place to sort.

You can now link your ideas together and work on each scrap group. Old paper can be dyed into colored paper – for sale. Metal can be melted and smelted into different blocks to be used as semi-finished products for machine manufacturers – for sale. Plastic can be melted and regenerated into other shapes and colors – for sale. Engine machinery is more complicated, need to tweak them from a little to a lot, then find lost or replaceable parts, assemble and build a new, valuable engine and useful – for sale. It is possible to modify the interior and paint, or replace some of the damaged components.

You can see that no matter how hard it is, the guy’s final destination in the game is to sell the repaired items into finished products to make money. The money can be used to purchase machinery that will make the above tasks faster and more efficient. You can also use this money to purchase new tools or to hire labor to help with cleaning, sorting and other tasks at the scrap yard. The profit can be used to create more valuable income.

Junkyard Builder Simulator 3

Don’t overlook the big, sealed bins in the scrap yard. Sometimes you’ll get a surprise tool or a valuable piece of machinery, some sort of random game reward in it.

Learn to do everything

This is not just a game that is played for entertainment (which is truely enjoyable), but you can also learn a lot. You can learn to sort garbage and apply it to your own family. You can also learn to use paper, metal and plastic, as well as how to restore more complex machines. It is difficult to grasp all these bits of knowledge in real life.

Main Features

  • The easiest way to make money is to clean up and segregate. Visit the junkyard and collect trash. You can convert paper to blue, metal and plastic to red, and yellow trash bags to mixed waste. It’s easy!
  • Assemble—in the junkyard you can find lost parts and put them together to create a much more worthy object.
    Renew—old car? How to restore old-fashioned furniture Grab some paints and a grinder and let’s make them amazing again!
    Invest to grow your empire—with new machines you will be able to work faster and easier.
    Try your luck—what can be hidden in those big containers? Find out by paying the price.
    Check out all the machines at the junkyard!
  • Develop your character—buy upgrades that make your work in the junkyard easier. You choose which path to take.
    Complete all steps for garbage and trash usage and then clear the junkyard.
    Learn how to recycle metals, paper, and plastic rubbish.
    Our simulator allows you to see the entire process of waste processing.
    It is a real Junkyard Simulator—as you play the game, you start gaining experience, and your business grows rapidly.

Junkyard Builder Simulator Review

curt mazur: Although I don’t rate games very often, this one deserves my attention. This is a fun game that will keep you entertained without spending a lot of money. Graphics are acceptable for the content you get. While it’s not called of duty, it’s a real time killer. It could be expanded and given different items.

NiHilistAnt kc: This is a great game. It’s a completely new game and loads fun to play. I love that I can help the developers by watching commercials, but I have yet to be forced to watch one. Although the controls of the game aren’t great, I can admit that they work. I still give it 5 stars. Hopefully with …

Wesley Collige: This is a fun game. However, I find it frustrating when I try to open a cargo container. I can’t throw or drop anything.

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