Publisher Forever9 Games,
Category Casual,
Latest Version 2.40.1
Size 103MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4 Network required+
Updated On July 15, 2022
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Island King Introduction

Island King APK, a community game with simple but innovative gameplay, is a good choice. You will be a pirate and have to plunder the islands of the sea and build an island for your own use.

The pirate-themed free game from publisher Forever9 Games features a unique pirate design. The publisher hasn’t had many great games on the market so they are excited about this product. Island King has many fun activities that you can play online with your friends. It is expected to be as successful and popular as Coin Master.


Create your island

The main character – Luna and her two close friends have an exciting adventure. Their village had been heavily looted. They realized this when they returned. She also lost her family and friends to pirates. She and her friends take part in the adventure to find relatives and rebuild their home islands.

You will start with Island King and you will end up with a small, uninhabited island. Start building your island by planting a tree or doing the simplest things. After that, you can continue to build houses, ports, shops, … or even build a pirate ship. You can buy new islands if your island seems too small. Your friends may have huge islands, don’t forget to visit them!

Lucky spins

Island-King-APK2Island King APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Coin Master is a game where your luck determines what you do. The lucky spin is what allows you to collect coins or get the islands of other players. The lucky spin will open after each time you have completed a certain action. If you win coins you will get that amount.

Pirates of your friends’ resources

When you win Attack or Steal, another player’s island will float on the water and you can attack them. When you spin to Attack, you will attack your friends’ islands and steal their resources. You and your friends will be able to engage in many exciting battles. Trust me. That feeling of being unable to sleep at night after opening Island King APK isn’t pleasant.

Don’t forget to protect your island. If you’re not lucky enough, other people can help you. When you win the Shield icon, you can defend your island from looting by other players. Destroy your friend’s island, rob a lot of coins and rebuild Luna’s hometown.


You can meet and compete against players from all over the world when playing Island King APK. But the most interesting thing is the “civil war” between you and your friends or family members. This game is sure to bring out the best in everyone.

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Main Features

To earn coins and spin the wheel, you can win free spins

  • You can spin the magic wheel to make fortune, raid, steal, or attack other players. You can protect your coins and islands against raids by other players. To unlock new destinations islands, build your island using coins. You can become the Island King by building the most beautiful island and collecting the most coins.
  • By completing interesting puzzles or challenging challenges, you can earn spins!

All valuable cards should be collected

  • You can earn tons of coins by collecting cards and exchanging them with your friends, family, and on Facebook. Complete your islands, then unlock the next set.

Play with your friends

  • Join our Facebook Community and meet new friends. You can also join a tribe and learn trivia about the game. Earn millions of coins playing slot machines and scratch-off mini games. You can trade your cards with the community and play together to improve your progress!

Island King Reviews

Liv Pigg: Fun occasionally the game has glitches, just like other apps, but it works well most of all. It does not have in-app purchases and offers many free ways to earn spins and other items.

Kelly Mahar: I love the game! I have been playing more. I love it all. There are always plenty of rewards on the facebook page and in apps.

Joan Wyatt: Great for the whole family, but you must watch it carefully as it will demand more than it will provide. It’s overall good.

Robert Phillip: While I’ve played many other games, I still love this one. This is the worst thing in history, so I had to amend my comment. I have lost spins and got nothing even though I spun more than 20 times. The event before is superior. We played this game with data, not FOC. You gained millions of dol…

Tery Ped: The game is great. My only issue is that my game freezes and crashes a lot.

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