Publisher ForceForever Games,
Category Simulation,
Latest Version 1.7.8
Size 611MB
MOD Features No
Requirements 5.0+
Updated On November 23, 2022
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Infinite Cultivation Introduction

Infinite Cultivation from publisher SUZHOU WINDFORCE, you will be immersed in a new concept: the MUD role-playing game series, with a series of oriental fantasy elements.

During the game, you not only have to act and kill, but you also have to pause for a long time to read the dialogue, the narrative, or the descriptions of the location, other players, enemies, monsters, etc. special items… You will constantly meet and interact with other players using the chat and communication features in the game.

Game APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Each person becomes stronger with their own cultivation efforts, constantly improving themselves, improving day by day, and if they go further, someone will become the top of the world. Up to a higher level can master a sect or a family, possess immortal magic and become a legend watched by the whole world.

Despite possessing many complex clan branches, multi-faceted gameplay to exploit, and a vivid fantasy world with interesting characters, personalities, and countless other spells, monsters, and moves. each other, but Infinite Cultivation is quite easy to play. For first-timers, it will take you some time to follow the storyline and gradually understand the relationships surrounding the main character. As for anyone who has played many MMORPG games, role-playing will be very easy.

Infinite Cultivation is also easy to play with thanks to its presentation and some special important features. Play Infinite Cultivation like you’re watching and playing a cultivation novel, with no rampage, no extreme combat, and playable anywhere.

Main Features

  •  Casual&Idle.
  • Tribulation&Ascend.
  •  Treasure&Alchemy.
  • Sects&KungFu skills.
  •  Fortune&Adventure.
  •  Partner&Pet.

Reviews Game:

Izumi: My experience so far is, It’s quite enjoyable. The only thing I dislike is the layout is full of overboard possibilities. As well how complicated it was in the beginning, especially turtorial is mixed. Perhaps I preceived it differently compared to others.

Anari _:  I tried deleting and redownloading the game but it still had the same problem. Please fix this!!

Nikko Stevens: Love general content and play. Only wish for improved english language translation as interpretation of much of game is guess work or trial and error for me.

Christine Adriano: It’s a good game, there are many activities available as you grow stronger in this game.

E Loveslonlyness: Fantastic I thought I lost my character and they helped me recover it. Also the game is entertaining and very easy to understand i can spend all day playing it.

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