Publisher UnlockGame,
Category RPG,
Latest Version 41.0
Size 9MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On December 31, 2021
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Immortal Legend Introduction

Immortal Legend APK combines a strategy role-playing game with a monster fighting adventure. It is well-known for having a large number of heroes, sometimes even hundreds.


You play the role of Immortal Legend APK as a hero and your army will take you on an adventure.

The whole game of Immortal Legend is a maze that has many areas and locations. Each area has its own terrain, structure and traps.

Immortal-Legend-APK1Immortal Legend APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Every area of the maze has a unique color, depending on its characteristics. The central area is brightly colored while the surrounding areas are dark and gloomy.

The Immortal Legend’s character creation is amazing, but so is the sound. The battle sounds, such as the clashing of weapons, the screams from the generals, and the legendary moves made by the Sacred Treasure, sound very much like real life. Immortal Legend excels in graphics, motion and sound.

The game’s great heroes are impressed

As you can see in Immortal Legend’s introductory poster, the hero creation in the game is very magnificent with many detailed lines on the armor. There are more than 200 heroes to choose from in Immortal Legend. This allows you to develop your own playstyle.

The mythical setting allows for many species to be represented in the game, including humans, monsters and fairies. The gameplay is also extremely diverse from defense, damage, support… So players can comfortably strategize the team to confront the enemies.

Wizard is the most powerful attack power and can do high damage. Pros can use fast cooldown, ranged attack and have high damage potential. You can use continuous attack to take out a large boss while still being superior to other generals. However, the Wizard is less likely to be able to take on super-high-level bosses or the final boss. Wizards are also weaker than other generals in terms of defense abilities and health. It is important to increase the health and endurance of Wizard while you are playing.

Warrior can be described as a determined melee knight that is capable of dealing with multiple types of monsters simultaneously. Strong health and a lot blood are some of the pros. They can also attack quickly and can fight high-class bosses. The cons are lower damage and a slower cooldown than Wizard. You should also increase your runes, talent points and skill points when you play Warrior.


Archer is flexible and has high damage potential with a high frequency. The pros include long-range combat and good dodging. Each attack can only hit one target. Therefore, you should concentrate on increasing Soul art stats to Archers.

Freedom is your freedom to create your own tactics

The classes of heroes in Immortal Legend APK can be divided into several types. Each combined formation can have different destructive power and characteristics, and create many flexible tactics in battles. Each character will rank up, receive new weapons and equipment and treasure. You can get a new combination for every character that is added to the roster.

There is also an odd concept in Immortal Legend: Soul gear. If you have enough divine power, you can summon a legendary weapon that has terrible destructive power and deal a severe blow to your enemy ranks. You can obtain Soul gear by completing daily quests in Dungeons and in the Etheric realm. The Soul gears can be divided into Epic, Legendary (rare), and Mystical (mystical) levels. The ability to increase strength or the chance to summon legendary weapons for your character will vary depending on which type you have.

Automatic feature

Immortal Legend APK differs from other fighting adventure RPGs. The game features an automatic feature. This helps players quite a lot when they don’t have time but wants to see the character fighting. Mining for raw material is one of the main missions of the heroes. Even if you’re offline, mining will continue. This means that your character will never run out of resources and has enough energy to keep his strength up. You will always have strong characters available for the most difficult battles in your games.


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Main Features

New & Relaxing Experience

  • The idle vertical MMORPG allows for you to freely play the game with just one hand. You will enjoy a relaxed and quick leveling experience, as well as smart feedback and simple gameplay. Enjoy the joy wherever you are.

You can transform your style to create something truly unique

  • You can transfer as many times as you wish and rebirth once you reach the peak with the customized system and you will receive a special peak badge, cool master skill and your own style. Choose from thousands of options and make your own style.

Boss hunting has a high drop rate

  • You can reap the entire screen and get endless rewards. The best way to get rare materials and equipment is by hunting bosses within the game world. A unique gear evolution system that was designed by us can be used to stack gear stats, and forge special attributes.

Cross-server battles

  • Guild war is here. You can join a guild and participate in the cross-server wars. Work with your companions to fight on warm-blooded fields, seize your throne and become the dominant one. Get your friends together and get ready for a multi-player battle.

Immortal Legend Reviews

Corey fay: Great game, lots of fun stuff, and a real time killer with auto-features. If you are into single char building and retard power, this is a great game to play.

Alejandro sanchez: It is fun and pretty enjoyable but takes a lot to master it.

TimW Byrd: Awesome game & graphics fast growth ,packages are well priced and you get tons , just to much on screen there should be a draw back tab to open screen ,if they did landscape ie / horizontal view everything would fit without overcross ,also there’s major lag ,character don’t show or you get a black screen,still its a new game plenty of room for adjustments great freaking game! Well deserves a 5star .

Zodiac: You can be strong in this game regardless of whether you are a paying or f2p player. You can get a lot of items, gold, and diamonds for your character by participating in special events. You can play without paying a fee, but real money will only give your character an extra boost. Highly recommended!

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