Publisher HaoPlay Limited,
Category Casual,
Latest Version 1.18.06
Size 133MB
MOD Features No
Requirements Android 4.4++
Updated On June 28, 2022
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Immortal Diaries Introduction

If you love vampires, then download Immortal Diaries APK now! Enjoy a game full of action, dangers, romance, fashion, and many twists! Discover mysteries here now.


The day you decide to take life into your own hands, fate interferes. You leave the orphanage you grew up in to live in a grand castle that was left as your inheritance, learning shocking revelations about your true heritage. A mysterious family heirloom reveals that you are the descendent of the Progenitor of the vampire race. Enter an intriguing, complex world where thrilling romance awaits you, danger lurks around every corner, and the path to your rightful birthright as Queen of the Vampires is filled with twists and surprises. Can you awaken the power in your veins in order to become who you were always meant to be?

Immortal-Diaries-APK1Immortal Diaries APK – Gameplay Screenshot

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Main Features

  • Supernatural Romantic Thriller: A modern day, coming-of-age story that will stun you with its interactivity, beautiful graphics, and talented voice acting.
  • Supernatural Lovers: Roleplay different kinds of love with our four male love interests. Go on dates, text message each other, and shower them with gifts! Which one will be your Mr. Right?
  • Diverse Customization: Dress up to become the most gorgeous girl in Rose City! Create your ideal character from hundreds of clothes, hairstyles, makeup and accessories.
  • Become Vampire Queen: Complete daily tasks to get promoted to Queen of the Vampires. Will you be ready to seize the throne when it’s time?
  • Followers for the Win: Cultivate the perfect dream team for dispatching problems in Rose City! Upgrade them to highlight their unique strengths.
  • Adorable Pets: Adopt a puppy and raise it to adulthood before helping it find a playmate!

Immortal Diaries Reviews

Vashti Baksh: (Had another review typed up but it’s too long, so let’s keep it short and sweet). Cons: 1) I stay up till 1am now for the daily resets Pros: 1) interesting storyline! Always an event to keep it interesting 2) free game (many people complain about needing to spend real money to progress- I never did and it’s been months and I’m having fun) 3) no annoying ads – hope we never get any!!!!! 4) awesome players you can interact with! Major kudos to the creators!

McKenzie Smith: Great game but needs a few adjustments. The energy you have to use for a story is high, the gold to have to spend to upgrade your followers is high and the impossible boss influence numbers. I’m on a boss right now that will take me 3 days to defeat! It’s one of my favorite games to play, just wish those 3 things were better.

Bandit 1021: Honestly favorite game. Support is fast responding, game play is cool and the story is engaging. You can progress without spending and arm and a leg but it helps tremendously to at least get to VIP 1-3. Theres little things about the functions I wish they would update, like the flashing everytime you use an item, but that’s just personal preference over anything and doesnt inhibit the game any. I’d suggest getting it for the story alone, the contests are a plus too/easily obtainable items

Download Immortal Diaries APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

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