Idle Wizard School - Wizards Assemble Mod Apk

Download Idle Wizard School Mod Apk 1.9.1 (Unlimited Money)

  • Name
    Idle Wizard School - Wizards Assemble
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  • MOD Features
    Unlimited Money And Gems
  • Platforms
    Android 5.0+

Introduction Game

Idle Wizard School APK for Android is a game that simulates the management of a magic school. You will be in a world where magic and organizations are taught the magic of science.

Exciting magic idle game! Idle Wizard School was inspired by many wizarding stories and brought magic into the hands of gamers. Become a school tycoon in your own witch adventure!

Your missions need to be expanded, automated. And promote school building with magic coins! Watch out for the ingredients that make up the potion and support your journey.

When you step outside and explore the magical world. The map will reveal details about the school, such as dormitories, magic alleys, and classrooms.

Idle Wizard School for Android you like the magic genre. Join the challenge and discover the best strategy. And make as much virtual currency as possible!

LGzVFZh - Idle Wizard School 1.9.1 (Unlimited Money)Idle Wizard School APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Automate construction to increase your idle income at wizard school.
  • Get idle magic coins (especially in the Magic Shop) even when you are offline
  • Choose how to level up wisely. Hire witches and wizards to increase your students’
    motivation is a good choice.
  • Unlock new courses, dormitories, characters, spells, potions and buildings as your
    students advance through the journey of wizard school.
  • Students can attend various classes to learn magical skills like casting spells and
    brewing potions from herb.
  • Go on quests to make your wizard school a wonderful place

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Reviews Of Game

Grace Devine: I liked this game and couldn’t enough. The only downside is when you’ve moved to another world. You cannot access the last world again. In addition, a number of daily quests. Is actually transitioning to the next world, so if you’re like me. One must complete everything and complete everything. The quest is being requested, which one should really choose. Other then, great game. One of my favorites so far.

Aaron James: Okay, listen to me. Tl; dr: Idle NotHogwarts looks like ants and I love it. This game reminds me of a colony of ants. All the little students create roads. And the trail has enough of them and since I really like ants I really like this game. Someone should REALLY make an idle Ant Farm with the species. And different polymorphic castles, enclosure sizes, add-ons, etc.

Eric Koskie: This game is cute and fun and I love the harry potter gameplay. The only suggestion I have is to increase the limit on the number of students. That you can stay in so you don’t lose everyone every time the train arrives. Trains arrive faster than graduation rate. And what is the purpose of growing animals? I ignored it the whole time. And it still doesn’t affect gameplay.

James Smith: Lil ‘PoTtEr: This game is not good. GREAT! This is not as boring as the interesting soooooo. Is that you can create your own wizard school. All are free with no purchases and the best part. Is that you can make money from the XD wizard so easily. To achieve good and interesting work. I really recommend everyone.

Travis Joiner: In my opinion, the game is great. But be a fan of magic. And witch, I’m a bit biased. But I will say it can be improved graphically. On the other hand though, for the magic school fans. This is a great game to timeless.