Publisher ColdFire Games GmbH,
Category Simulation,
Latest Version 1.5.0
Size 34MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requirements Android 4.4+
Updated On September 14, 2021
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Introduction Game

Idle Space Tycoon APK for Android is where you become an idle tycoon rich in cash ascending. Build your own idle company by managing your spaceship and collecting idle money.

The graphics of the game are designed in a simple and easy to understand way. The 2D format will reduce the size of the game significantly. Players can experience it on their smartphones. Its visual style is also classic, making players think of gaming machines released about a decade ago. Of course, it’s sharper and more colorful.

“Idle Space Tycoon” will allow players to own a business whose main item to manufacture is spacecraft. First, when things are sketchy, your business has only one tier. There you can only produce up to 5 low-end spacecraft. But don’t get discouraged as the money you earn can be used to expand your production base.

You can also use them to buy new types of trains that are much more valuable than the old ones. On the screen will display how much you earn per second. And then the player touches the screen to harvest the money earned on a floor.

Idle Space Tycoon for Android become your space market tower manager. And automate the tycoon’s processes. By researching larger ships with larger payloads to increase your income. The spacecraft also transports your cargo. When you’re offline from the game and enjoy even more idle cash!

Idle Space Tycoon Mod ApkIdle Space Tycoon APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Manage a fleet of spaceships and their hangars to earn idle cash.
  • Upgrade the hangars of your incremental tower and boost their income. 🏙️
  • The crew will launch your ships even when you are offline from the game.
  • Invest your idle cash to become the richest tycoon and boost your income. 🤑
  • Research cool new spaceships and manage them, and their crews. 🚀
  • No internet connection needed. Play offline anywhere, anytime. 📶
  • Expand your tower and build your way into space.

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Reviews Of Game

Soul Brotha: Think it’s a very good game. The addition is made in a reasonable manner. But certainly not necessary. I want to extend it a little bit more. That could be a battle area. Like when you were fighting for an area. And when you defeat the enemy, you can build a new tower there. Also want to see 10-level buy button and / or maximum buy button. Also, I love it and look forward to reopening the app. Because the idle rewards are really fair. The last thing could be a supplement of leveling pilots.

Phoenix Alpha: It’s an interesting game in my opinion. I think some other tycoon-based games. Mainly click and wait this one. But I like it because it’s faster and I like games like that. Completely because of the fact that it doesn’t take forever to delve into it. This game is also a game that you can just pick up. And put it down while walking pretty far in that small amount of time. Again, it’s a great game. Will play more games like this.

Greg Golding: Nice! The graphics are clear, maybe use a bit of story development for it. Add consistency for every increment unless you want to remove them? There are still additional parts. And other micro transactions are not required to enjoy the game. I see no glitches in the gameplay and the game. may reduce the supplement. And put some nice gifts to help users alleviate the stress caused by Add overload. If not then this is a suitable idle application.

Middle class: Great. I only made one complaint. And that will be the fact that in the game asks you to rate. But overall that’s a small complaint. My favorite thing about this game. It doesn’t force you to watch ads. Or pay for anything in the idle game. Which is the best game you can ask for. and it has an idle game, right. It is not a click game. So many idle games claim to be idle games. And they’re actually a clicker.

Ames Fish: Good idle game with the visual quality of old Nintendo games. Makes me think back to the old days when I was. Be a kid in the late 80s and early 90s. Easy to play with minimal difficulties (if any). Thank you to the creator (s) for creating this game. Glad to be able to relive the old days while playing a new game, Danke.

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