Idle Miner Tycoon Mod Apk

Download Idle Miner Tycoon Mod Apk 3.03.0 (Unlimited Cash)

Introduction Game

Idle Miner Tycoon Mod APK (Free Shopping, Unlimited Super Cash and Coins) latest version free download for Android. Become an industrial tycoon in the game Idle Miner Tycoon for Android. In this playground, you manage a series of mines rich in mineral resources, hire workers and run jobs at the mines and collect as much money as possible.

Developed by Fluffy Fairy Games, Idle Miner Tycoon is a new management game for Android, where players will run their own resource mines, control daily activities in the mine and everything related to it. process of exploitation.

At the beginning of the game, you will start mining in a small mine because at that time the labor force is not much and you have quite a bit of money to hire new people. However, gradually, gamers will improve in the process of playing, developing mines and expanding mining scale.

Of course, as the mining company grows, your work becomes more and more commensurate with the increase in gold coins.

Players will have to distribute the workflow reasonably, while upgrading mines and workers to achieve maximum efficiency. Besides, you can also hire managers to automate the mining process and your job is just “sitting cool eating golden bowls”.

5AkFW3g - Idle Miner Tycoon 3.03.0 (Unlimited Cash)Idle Miner Tycoon APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Automate your mining to increase your idle income: No need to tap and tap like in an online casual clicker simulator!
  • Get idle cash and earn money & gold: Continue the business even when you are offline!
  • Profit from money investment to boost your economy and become rich! You’ll be a millionaire!
  • Hire managers to increase your miners’ motivation! The simulator among manager games.
  • Every manager has a special tycoon booster: Increase worker productivity!
  • Build up your idle billionaire empire simulation!
  • Manage more than 20 cool mines like a real boss: Become a mining tycoon magnate by managing this mine business simulator!
  • Mine for more than 15 different resources: coal, gold, ruby, moonstone, amethyst, and jade, making this game different than all of the other idle games.
  • Collect masses of coal and gold in this money and mine management simulator! It’s not like other money games!
  • Increase your money online or offline in this tycoon games!
  • Climb and clash in the leaderboard and become the richest industrial manager tycoon in this idle miner simulation! No mindless tapping like the other online clicker games.

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Reviews Of Game

Cody Clay: 60 hours and going! Fun game. Ads aren’t necessary unless you want to boost the experience, which I suggest you do. 30 second ads aren’t bad, and it kills time. Love this game. Only thing is it drains the battery super hard if you don’t turn performance mode off! I got a charger and battery pack though so I’m good!

Amanda Clifton: Well, this game seemed like it would be a good brain numb game. One you can open and play and not really think a whole lot and just relax. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what it actually is like because on my brand new, 3 day old, Google Pixel 4, it won’t open and load. It gets to 5 percent, and that’s that. Update: bug has apparently been fixed, and I love it!

Jacob Haugland: I always wonder how these type of games are ruling mobile now haha…it’s fine though, something to just do, even though there’s no real objective and it gets so repetitive, not much you can look out for in this genre but for it’s genre it’s good. EDIT: I personally don’t have any suggestions for the game, I simply stated that that’s just the nature of these type of games and this game excells at being what it’s supposed to be. Idle.