Idle Light City Mod Apk

Download Idle Light City Mod Apk 2.5.1 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction Game

Idle Light City APK for Android is a light and very attractive game where you will run a light factory to illuminate structures throughout the city.

Idle Light City for Android is a very new and exciting activity game involving you running a light production line and producing lots of light to bring light to the whole city and further expansion. Half of the area is in vague.

In the game, the lights will naturally run fast to every house in the city, you just need to use your finger to touch the areas on the screen to speed up the creation and development of the lights. At the moment the light is lit, cash is immersed and you use it to redesign the factory, creating creativity.

In addition, Idle Light City for Android allows players to build and develop different areas of the city, continue to use light to make things progress amazingly, the illuminated areas will carry. benefit again. Already for the production line.

Especially in the game, the image of the lights is adapted to the appearance and body parts like humans, equipped to move to the houses for lighting.

wHEsuWs - Idle Light City 2.5.1 (Unlimited Money)Idle Light City APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Main Features

  • Game producing light bulbs and lighting the city.
  • Operating the operation of the light bulb factory.
  • Use money to upgrade factories, produce larger quantities.
  • Create a light bulb with a funny face.
  • Light bulbs have the ability to automatically run to homes.

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Reviews Of Game

Drew Brew: This game is very interesting, there are still some banking issues but I love it. Now all I need is many reputable levels or options or areas on the map. Please quickly update! Edit2 *** The bank does not provide the appropriate amount after 2 hours. I get the same thing from a 5-minute trip like I do from a 2-hour bank.

Ali haydar: The game is really great. I played it for 10 minutes and there was only one supplement without any really good packages. And really good to spend time with it. I was bored so I tried ur ed game and it was NOT ATTRACTIVE. Hope you have fun Rate this now I will continue playing the game!

Michael Miller: An idle game, but the graphics are cute and awesome. Music is light and fun and fun. A simple but engaging way to pass the time. Perhaps just a little too heavy on ad suggestions but not invasive and not interfering with the game.

Ashley R: What an interesting game. I love everything about it unless some ads get stuck and I can’t get out of them. Must close and reopen the application to turn it off. Hope that problem will be solved. No less great game. Really dig that little jazz bg.

Kerri Nickell: This game is awesome! But I like this game forever. If I can connect my account to google play games because I do not use Facebook. I guess google okay will be the best option.