Idle Factory Tycoon Mod Apk

Download Idle Factory Tycoon Mod Apk 2.3.0 (Unlimited Coins)

  • Name
    Idle Factory Tycoon: Cash Manager Empire Simulator
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  • MOD Features
    Unlimited Coins
  • Platforms
    Android 4.4+

Introduction Game

Idle Factory Tycoon Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Coins, Super Cash and Everything) latest version free download for Android. You are too free, but you do not want to have to struggle with hardcore games that require intense manual labor? Look to the game in the style of killing time gently with a little brainstorming about the arrangement and Game We would like to introduce Idle Factory Tycoon is a specific example.

In Idle Factory Tycoon, you play the role of director of a manufacturing plant with a capital start line. The game will test your operating skills with the most basic thing of the manufacturing business, which is to get raw materials, make products and sell them for money to import new materials.

In general, Idle Factory Tycoon is a simple mobile game so the graphics are made in an animated style, without many characteristics or effects but still beautiful. The soundtrack is also quite good when letting players feel relaxed like an experienced manager through slow and elegant melodies.

With close linkage and balance, Idle Factory Tycoon offers players a light entertainment game, killing time anytime anywhere and especially can turn off the game at any time. The game will calculate the offline time (Idle cash) and pay for production during the time the player exits the game. What is more comfortable with a game to entertain in the free time?

o8hDZss - Idle Factory Tycoon 2.3.0 (Unlimited Coins)Idle Factory Tycoon APK

Main Features

  • Idle capitalist: manage your own factories and automate the workflow to get more idle cash and money.
  • Being the best among the idle games, you can upgrade your workflow to increase your idle benefit: No need to tap and tap like in an online casual clicker simulator! 💸 💸 💸
  • Your workstations continue producing even when you are offline 💤
  • Invest your idle cash in this adventure tap game and boost your income 🤑
  • Hire managers and use strategy to motivate each miner at the workstations 😍💪
  • Use Super Cash to improve your products and sell them at a higher price
  • Make more cash! Open the game every 4 hours to get free Super Cash 💸
  • Manage up to 30 different workstations in each factory (e.g. toaster, battery, car productions and airplanes)
  • Use trophies and the prestige of your factories to increase productivity! ⭐🏆
  • No Internet connection needed: Make more money online or offline in your Tycoon empire factory
  • In-App purchases available
  • Prestige feature and different levels: Build up your millionaire empire simulation!!!

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Reviews Of Game

Andrea Cunanan: I dont like this game i love it!! This game is very adictive i just started playing yesterday and i already love it but the only problem to me is that the things in this game is kinda expensive but thats ok with me because u can earn money even if your offline i will still give it 5 stars even tho i have a problem.

George Rogers: I’d rate the 4 stars. I played this before in the past, so I’m rate this before it asks me to. Reason for 4 stars. Because I see that the developers took their time on this game. And they know how to make it addictive. And their ads for the game isn’t misleading. So kudos. Why not 5 star? Because it always asks for me to rate their app.

Amanda Kruckenberg: Giving back a star. The ad thing worked! Thank you. I’m still bummed about the hundreds of hours lost when I had to delete the app. I was really hoping that a reconnect to Facebook or Google play would give me the option to pick up where I left off. Bummed that I used to play this game like crazy and it won’t link my account. And there are absolutely no ads right now. I can’t speed up a single thing in the game. Hopefully it’s just a temporary glitch?